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Kettlebell Dumbbell Swing Variations

Graham Barber

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Hi all and Happy New Year to you.

A quick question - if you only have access to dumbbells what are your preferred 'swing' variations or alternatives? Seems like there's quite a few and none seem to replace the kettlebell but I only have dumbbells for the time being so was interested to know.

Thanks in advance and look forward to your thoughts!
How heavy of a DB are you using?
Either 55 lbs or 70 lbs- trying to keep it close to 24 or 32 kg bells. I mean if KB's are available, I'll use them as the handles are easier to grip - but I just don't notice any difference in swings between KB's and DB's. I guess if I went up in weight (in the DB's), I'd need to be very confident of my grip or I could cause some damage!
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