1. Kettlebell or Barbell

    Hello all, I have a question mainly targeted towards any one with military experience or similar. I have been a Police officer for several years and am soon to be joining the Army in an infantry role, with about 12 weeks to train before I begin training. I was planning on using the “Black...

    Hi. Anyone got KB Strong manuel or got an example how Geoff lays out exercises of the double k.b exercises throughout the week like double press, swing , squat, snatch , push press, jerk etc in terms of programming. * days per week * sets / reps * exercises on each day Any advice would be...
  3. Patrick Jackson

    2020 will be Simple (maybe a little Sinister?)

    Starting the journey to Simple & hopefully beyond in 2020. I'm 40 y/o 170 lbs and moderately athletic. In a previous career I was a firefighter and practiced strength training (mostly 5x5 barbell workouts). Currently a software engineer and out of the strength practice for quite some time...
  4. Eric Wilson

    S & S for teenagers

    So I've been enjoying using kettlebells. I'm gaining strength, and I'm understanding my body better. I'm a father of five, boys age 16, 14, 11, 8, and a 13 year-old girl. As a homeschooling family, I'm responsible for every part of my children's education, including Phys. Ed. I'm thinking that...
  5. A+A

    Can anyone give me a weekly example of 5-6 days per week doing A+A snstches and maybe combining TGU, press, swing, clean, squat around the snatch being main emphasis. Looking for a better explained program going into detail explaining A+A
  6. Kettlebell/ combining max effort days with dynamic effort days. LOU SIMMONS METHOD WESTSIDE

    Hi Been trying max effort days with kettlebells exercises like press, snatch, swing, clean,squat and get ups. Youll do max effort days 2 days of the week going hard on these days which ive been doing monday / wednesday. Then 2 days end of the week youll do dynamic speed days same movements...
  7. Bajzath

    Kettlebell complex

  8. What next sized kettlebell should I go to?

    I can do a good 100 straight reps of two handed kettlebell swings with a 55lb. I'm thinking of moving up. I like the swing, and sticking to that for now. Which size is the best to move to now? The 70lb? Possibly the 80lb?
  9. Chrisdavisjr

    Sold UK (South East) - Wolverson black 40kg cast iron kettlebell

    Located in South East Essex. In good shape; kept indoors and only used by myself. £70.00 or best offer.
  10. Need help — combining barbell with kettlebell training

    Hey, folks! I've been struggling to combine barbell and kettlebell training primarily due to schedule and logistical issues. Let me talk about the latter first — my gym doesn't have a bell heavier than a 20 kg. And I usually swing with a 36kg (two-handed) and 28 kg (one-hand). I'm using two...
  11. Ilya

    Cant swing all of a sudden!!!

    Hi Guys, For the last 3 months I've been using the 32kg for my 100 single arm swings and get ups. I've been making alot of great progress and my technique has really gotten quite good . And then all of a sudden I come in one day two weeks ago and I realise I cant swing anymore , can barley get...
  12. Bajzath

    I love kettlebell

  13. Tactical Barbell: "Operator" template, "SWAT" cluster

    Find current training program beginning Post #62 [Background] 32, M, 6'0, 190lbs (200lbs as of July '19). Married (10 yrs), 2 kids (6 and 1). Was a true gym bro in high school and did bodybuilding splits but always prioritized chest and arms days, and usually skipped legs days . Inactive...
  14. Reventio007

    S&S Kettlebell Progression + Proper Swing and TGU Mechanics?

    Hey guys, I've been doing S&S to the letter since March and reading Easy Strength.. My previous forum post is here, for those who would like to see: S&S: Soccer GPP Adaptation?? I believe that, even though I haven't done the swing and tgu test yet, I am capable of moving up weights as I went...
  15. J Cox

    A case for the get up

    A truly interesting thing happened today. I have been working S&S for a month now. Today I opted to just do some ladder pushups before Easter brunch. I haven't done pushups in weeks. I've also grown proficient in my get-ups, really feeling the weight under my control overhead, especially in...
  16. C&P: stretch shortening cycle

    I'm wondering about whether/when to employ a stretch shortening cycle during a clean and press. I'm not a particularly advanced trainee, with my 1RM C&P at 24kg, but my proprioception is pretty good. With strict presses on my 40 lb bell, I have about a 7 RM, but if I do C&P with a technique...
  17. Kyle Kowalczuk

    Looking for some metrics for an effective snatch test

    Just wondering if anyone came across or would share some measurables they have if they are good at the snatch test (meaning 100+ reps) with their bell size. I've heard the "should be able to press your snatch bell 20x" and things like that. Any info would satiate my appetite ;)
  18. Form Check: Worried Swings are Causing/Exacerbating Tennis Elbow

    Hi all, I've posted on here once before for a form check and it was very helpful. I have recently been trying to graduate to single arm swings with a 24kg bell. I felt like my two-arm swings were going well for a while. In the last week or two I have noticed tennis elbow starting to flare up...
  19. Training for Life

    Looking for advice designing a program with incorporated GTG

    Greetings, I recently started doing training after a few years of couch potato life and am quite interested of how to incorporate GTG into training. I did a bit over three months of bodyweight training up to this point with five sessions per week (Mon Lower Body, Tue Upper Body + Core, Wed Yoga...
  20. Reventio007

    S&S: Soccer GPP Adaptation??

    Hey guys, I'm new, and glad to be here! After stumbling upon this forum and searching for a while, I decided to see if I can join the forum, and here I am. After researching about the best option to get back in shape, I searched online, having previously been fat, and later known about...
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