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  1. Kettlebell Where do you do your TGUs?

    Good afternoon comrades. Inching very close to a 50%bw turkish getup, and plan to continue beyond. (My current kb is 5lbs heavier than half my bw). My options for venue are my garage floor (preferred, but not great, and currently cluttered with a project), my yard/grass (which form is notably...
  2. Other/Mixed Program Ideas for Upcoming New Father

    Greetings all. I have viewed this forum for a few years and loved getting tips and tricks from the wealth of knowledge our members have. My wife and I are expecting our first child this fall. I know sleep will be limited and energy will not be as steady or high for me as it currently is. I am in...
  3. Kettlebell Snatch form check

    Can you guys please critique my snatch form. Here’s a few links. One is me practicing with a 24kg bell and another with a 32kg bell. Looking forward. Thanks! 24kg 32kg
  4. Kettlebell I finished Simple!

    Today I knocked out the Simple test. I performed ten sets of ten one-arm swings with a 70lb dumbbell in 9:20. I took one minute rest. Then I performed ten sets of one Turkish-get-up in 8:59. I did five sets on each side. During my second Turkish get-up (on my right, dominant side) I failed...
  5. Kettlebell Random Thought of the Day: The Giant w Thrusters

    As the title suggests, after my Giant 1.0 session, I thought about what effects/adaptations might occur from doing the program with 10rm Double Thrusters instead of Clean and Presses… The thought came from the natural inclination many people seem to have upon looking at the Giant program, what...
  6. Kettlebell All Bases Covered - Test Week

    For the 10th week in the All Bases Covered program, it is a test week. I will test how many reps I can press with a heavier kettlebell. My question is do I just do that test this week, or can I start another 10 weeks right away?
  7. Conor

    Kettlebell Kettlebell Burn Extreme Review

    Hi all, I just wrapped up a month with @Geoff Neupert ’s KB Burn Extreme program and thought I’d share my experience and results for anyone else considering doing it. As with everything, YMMV. Why should you care: Let's start with the top-line results Weight loss: 17.5 pounds (199.5 -> 182)...
  8. The painless path to endurance routine

    I came across this article from Tim Ferris ( The Painless Path to Endurance (Plus: Breville Winner and More) ) in which he more or less discussed the training routine from this SOF guy called Victor, who is quote: "He was capable of a strict pullup with 160 pounds of extra weight, at a...
  9. Kettlebell Simple Timed for a Cheapskate, and Onwards

    Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've been following S+S for about the past year and last week got to feeling fully comfortable with Simple Timeless - I managed 6 sessions in 7 days, all with the 32kg, and felt great! Witness, if you will, my wonderfully neatly logged...
  10. James Sullivan

    Kettlebell Pressing a kb heavier than 1/2BW? How'd you get there?

    I'm curious to hear about how folks have achieved a heavier than 1/2BW kb press... Thanks!
  11. Kettlebell How long of a gap would you recommend between a meal and S&S practice?

    I am about to jump back into S&S training after about a year off. My whole routine and life has changed completely since I was last practicing and now the only time I can set aside to practice is in the evening after dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations on the minimum time one should...
  12. Notirishbjj

    Kettlebell Form check- single armed swing

    As stated in a previous post I'm returning to kettlebell simple and sinister. What stopped me last time was my single armed swing. Started back with the 24kg bell yesterday, need to fix my grip positioning but any other form corrections would be great. Today was my second practice back and I...
  13. Notirishbjj

    Kettlebell Feasibility of the simple standard for light weight men

    So I did about 4-6 months of S&S, only to drop it about this time last year. Since then I've played with some more barbell based programs like easy strength. Last time I encountered a major road block, that being my physical size. For context I'm a 5'7 BJJ featherweight, my usual weight is...
  14. Abishai

    Kettlebell KB swings with Mortons toe

    Hi all, I'm new here. Im wondering if anyone has experience with KB swings with Mortons toe.(Mortons toe is when your second and third toes arre longer than your thumb toe) Im having trouble screwing my feet ito the ground leading to less balance. Thanks
  15. James Sullivan

    PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Experience with Plan Strong Military Press Plan 501G?

    I'm wrapping up week 1 of 501G today and am wondering if anyone here has attempted or completed this program. If so, what was your experience? What did the rest of your programming look like? Did you achieve the 44kg press? Thanks!
  16. Kettlebell Float height for maximum kettlebell swing strength training

    I have questions about kettlebell swing height and strength. Lately I’ve been going heavier and decided I should only swing to float at shoulder height. I have Pavel’s original recommendations for what a male trainee might want (16,24,32kg) so more swing strength means uneven doubles until I...
  17. Kettlebell Intro / Request for Critique

    Hello all- Hope to be dropping in for a long time to come. Total newbie to this and to weights in general. 62 yr old male; my activities have been swimming (20 min. kilometer and out..) and almost daily walking in the hills near our home, in Jerusalem. No injuries that impede mobility; my...
  18. Jordan Skinner

    Kettlebell I Cant Finish The Long Haul Program

    Hi Guys/ Gals Wondering if you might be able to share your opinions on something. I started @Geoff Neupert s Long Haul program from More KB Muscle in January and I am having trouble finishing the program, its murder. I managed to get to week 8 with no problem using a pair of 12kg bells. It is...
  19. I am in a plateau?

    Hi dear collegues! I have been training using kettlebells for a wile now, but its been some months that I feel stuck. I started doing S&S with a 20kg bell but I found it quite boring so I started Kettlebel STRONG! and loved it. I run it with double 20kg, when I finished I managed to do 13 reps...
  20. J Cox

    Kettlebell Best All-Around Training Method Ever

    Pavel published a great article/program for A+A using C&J. I have two full weeks under my belt and started week 3 today. The early results have been noticeable, especially in strength and fat reduction. The one thing I really have enjoyed running a session and then doing some mobility work...
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