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  1. Kettlebell Thoughts on Dumbbell -> Kettlebell Grip Converters?

    I am going to be traveling a lot this year and hotels usually have a limited range of kettlebells, if they have any at all. Can this dumbbell grip be a sufficient alternative to turn a dumbbell into a kettlebell?
  2. Kettlebell How heavy should my kettlebell be for swings?

    I’m somewhat familiar with KB swings and I’ve worked to practice proper form in the past. I used a 35lbs Kb back then but I was much weaker and probably should’ve used a lighter weight. The coming weeks are going to be physically taxing on me and I wanted to switch to a gtg style of training...
  3. Kettlebell Back to the bell with one size option

    Has anyone tried adjusting other variables in an A+ A program when you don’t have the prescribed bell size? In a few days I’ll have my snatch test bell after a months long absence from iron and want to do some snatching (and other skills practice) for the few months I have it. While one...
  4. Bajzath

    Training Log (Public) Funny kettlebell moment and kettlebell news

    Funny moment.
  5. Bajzath

    Training Log (Public) 45 kg kettlebell 2 jerk + 1 attempt

    45 kg kettlebell jerk
  6. Bajzath

    Training Log (Public) Squat variation

    Squat variation. Hard version: bottom up kettlebell.
  7. Smau6785

    Off-Topic SF folks in York, UK?

    Hi all, please do shout at me if this is not the right thing do do, however in about a month me and my partner will be moving to York (UK's York that is). We found a nice house with a built-in garage so it means my already-at-home workouts will be a lot more productive with a dedicated space to...
  8. Bajzath

    Kettlebell 360 degree, advanced one leg squat

    Kettlebell 360 degree. Artyom Taran advanced one leg squat. Kettlebell funny moment.
  9. David Goggins of Strength Training

    So lately I went down the rabbit hole of David Goggins again, I'm sure he doesn't need an introduction on here. I'm especially impressed by his seemingly never ending workouts: Running at least 7 miles (11.2km) every single day, 4x per week calisthenics + weights, daily 2 hours of stretching ...
  10. Kettlebell Seeking feedback for my routine

    Hello all. So I'm not new to kettlebells, I've been training with them on and off for the last 7 years and in the past I've strictly followed Pavel's rite of passage routine. I took a break from the bells for a while and have gotten back into them but have gone off script with my routine. I...
  11. wexford

    Kettlebell My S&S two year anniversary

    I posted about my 1 year anniversary last November so I figured why not add another year update. This year was definitely a tough one and progress was slower. Additionally, I turned 50 late February. I began my 2nd year with the following status: * Warmups using 20kg * 2H swings am using 24kg...
  12. Kettlebell AXE sounds superb but why only 2-3 times a week?

    I'm currently immersed in the book "Kettlebell AXE," exploring its insights into the three energy systems. The AXE protocol, particularly the A+A approach, appears to be an exceptional training method. It's so effective that I'm considering incorporating it into all my strength and endurance...
  13. Other/Mixed Glycolytic power repeats programming

    Hi everyone, In Pavel's article on The Best All-Around Training Method Ever, someone asked about how that program could be optimized for hypertrophy. Pavel's responded to include some glycolytic power repeats in combination with the regular program, and made reference to a specific newsletter...
  14. WarrenEllis

    ETK-ROP "Russian block training" thoughts and suggestions

    Hello all. ETK mentions block training, ROKB prescribes it. I'd like to do a round of ROP with block training, as I want to continue barbell deadlift and squat practice , but I would also like to reserve my "off days" for mobility work. For those unfamiliar, "Russian block training" refers...
  15. Kettlebell Progression/Appreciation Post

    Introduction to Kettlebells and StrongFirst -- Progression/Appreciation Post How did I start? I was whinging to my movement therapist about my crowded gym. He recommended kettlebells and the book Simple and Sinister (thanks Andrew). I read the book. And very quickly bought a set of kettlebells...
  16. BPD

    Kettlebell Success with 40kg

    Hi Forum, First off, a big word of thanks to all of you who participate here. I've come here often for inspiration and instruction and consider this community to be a big part of any strength gains I've made over the past few years. (Even though I don't post much). The other day I was...
  17. Other/Mixed What are your favorite assistance exercises?

    I was thinking a lot about assistance exercises recently. The opinions on this topic differ greatly, from "assistance work is overrated" to "variety is the key". Depending on your background, occupation and leisure time activities, you might fall anywhere between this. If you are very active...
  18. Proper grip change on the drop from the kettlebell clean to protect against calluses

    As I practice a higher volume of heavier cleans lately I have more callusing. For years I've been swinging and cleaning with the handle at mid-hand and ignoring the calluses. Hand care is starting to look like more of a concern. I've read that the proper swing grip is far closer to the finger...
  19. renegadenate

    Other/Mixed My BuiltStrong Minimalist Experience!

    I just completed six weeks of BuiltStrong Minimalist, and I love it! This has been my most favorite StrongFirst program so far. I chose the Tough schedule as I am used to a higher training volume. In hindsight, I should have stuck with the Regular schedule as I was also performing two Murph...
  20. Rapid loss of strength?

    Hi every one, I have just experienced a rapid loss of strength (at least thats what I think) and I would like to consider other perspectives, maybe it is normal and I am over thinking it. Let me give you a bit of context. I did the Maximorum program with a pair of 30 kg bells and at the end of...
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