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  1. Kettlebell Kettlebell swing vs deadlift ratio

    Does anyone know the ratio or transfer of kettlebell swings to deadlifts?
  2. nish1013

    Kettlebell Swing review request

    (y) Power to all of you Could you please provide a feedback on my swing ? Thank you
  3. Kettlebell Jump in Kettlebell size

    Hi Everyone, My name is Amos and I am training alternatively S&S and ETK. Now I am back to the S&S program which I love for its minimalism. But I have a sinister problem. I achieved easily the Simple Target (32kg bell). I own only a 24kg, 32kg, and a 48kg. My question is, How can I achieve to...
  4. Kettlebell S&S with snatches

    Would replacing the swings with snatches in S&S be too much overhead work? Is there a particular reason S&S uses swings not snatches?
  5. Other/Mixed A simple program I thought some of you might enjoy

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share a simple program I created to help me get back in shape and fight the winter blues. It's fairly minimal and can be done quickly, but it works through 5 major movement patterns and can be pretty challenging! For this workout you'll need a mace and one or two...
  6. Chrisdavisjr

    Barbell Strong swing, weak deadlift - how to bridge the gap?

    Starting a new thread here to pick up from an interesting conversation on this thread in the kettlebell forum. I have a fairly strong kettlebell swing - 10×10 one handed with a 40kg bell at 145lbs body weight - but a fairly weak deadlift - 100kg/220lbs seems to be my max, I can just about get...
  7. Kettlebell Form Check(Swings\TGU\Snatches)

    Hey everybody! Could you please check my form Didn't expect it to be so sloppy, but we all start somewhere Swing.mp4 Turkish get-up.mp4 Snatch.mp4 Thanks
  8. Kettlebell T-spine fusion and S&S lifts

    Hello all, I had a question about the TGU and T-spine mobility that I'd like to ask people more experienced than I and that I've yet to find an answer elsewhere. So, my situation. Almost, if not all, of my thoracic spine is fused (about a decade ago, it's not going anywhere), so I have...
  9. Tobias Wissmueller

    Kettlebell Form-Check One-Hand Swings

    It was about time to film myself to check on my one-hand swings again. Have recently changed my technique. When reviewing my swing a few weeks back, I found my hinge was too lazy. My cue until then was moving my butt towards the wall, maybe max. to 4 o'clock, but not lower. Now I am trying to...
  10. Niek Schokkenbroek

    Kettlebell Kettlebell swings (and DL) with significant leg length difference

    Hi everybody, Very new to the forum and making use of kettlebells for a bit over a year now. My knowledge (limited as it is) mainly comes from the books from Pavel and I have to say that I am quite hooked to the use of KBs. Even that much, that my wife is using them now as well ;) The only...
  11. Kettlebell ROP Swing Advice

    Background: I'm a 26 year old male with a pretty extensive athletic background and what most here would probably consider a small to moderate amount of kettlebell experience. I'm 6'1" and 210lbs. I'm probably an intermediate barbell lifter with an approximately 265 lb benchpress and 475 pound...
  12. Chrisdavisjr

    Kettlebell 40kg 2H swing form check

    I've recently acquired a 40kg kettlebell and have, so far, been primarily using it for two-handed swings while I pursue the continually elusive goal of a solid one-handed 32kg swing. I've uploaded a video of my two-handed swing for critique purposes as I feel that my form is pretty solid by now...
  13. Tobias Wissmueller

    Kettlebell Pros and Cons of Different Swing-Types?

    What do I mean with "swing types"? I know three different kind of swings: Two-handed swings One-handed swings Double kettlebell swings That is what I mean with "swing types" and I am wondering about the pros and cons of every type. Here are a few suggestions: Two-handed swings: One can go...
  14. Kettlebell Swinging for time: more short sets or less long sets

    I concentrated on strength this year. I am happy with the results as I can now do sets of 10 db kb squats with double 24, press the 32 and easily tgu 36. I am sure that if I had a 40 I could tgu it. This is in addition to good barbell results. However, my conditioning is now bad and I gained...
  15. Kettlebell Strength Standards

    Beyond things like "Simple", "Solid", "Sinister", "Beast Tamer", "Iron Maiden", and the SFG I & II technique standards, are there any more formalized strength standards for kettlebell exercises? What comes to mind for me is something like these: Weightlifting Performance Standards for the...
  16. damogari

    Kettlebell Snatches sets/rep equivalent to 10x10 of swings

    I am thinking about idea of mixing exercises from Simple & Sinister (Swing & TGU) and old Program Minimum (Snatch & BP) into a "park bench" program between more intensive cycles. It's from Program Minimum [Squared] but I would like to program it more like S&S. The idea is to do these trainings...
  17. Oscar

    Kettlebell What to focus on when performing swings and GU

    Hi all, Reading the forum I came across so many tips to perform better the swing and the GU. For instance, for the the swing I have read "bell shouldnt flip at bottom position", "hinge back", "dont hinge until your arms almost touch your inner tigh", do a vertical plank", "engage lats", "pack...
  18. NoahMarek

    Kettlebell Plan Strong + Strong Endurance

    Hey Strongfirst community! I wanted to share a bit about my training with you all. Firstly, I achieved Simple Status for S&S last Wednesday. It felt good to hit it, and I am definitely ready to move on to something with a more formal progression scheme. My two main goals right now are to...
  19. Smile-n-Nod

    Kettlebell Electricity-like pain on thigh while doing swings

    I started learning KB swings a couple weeks ago. When I became comfortable with the swing, I started feeling a sensation like a mild electric shock over an area about 2" wide on the outside of my left thing just after the forward-swing starts. I have learned to reduce the sensation by adjusting...
  20. The Nail

    Kettlebell S&S Mechanics

    Hi, Anybody know of any literature on the mechanics of the swing and the turkish getup? Thanks Edit: I'm looking for kinesiology/movement mechanics type literature.
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