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  1. Adachi

    Other/Mixed Variation (vs/&) Adaptation in Cyclical programming?

    so - I'll take this opportunity to ask a question I had before but, haven't asked. I've been re-reading the strong endurance manual - I've been reading beyond bodybuilding, for the first time and re-reading starting strength and practical programming for strength training. these are the...
  2. Programming Improv Easy Strength five days in a row?

    The gym I train at won't open on weekends. The other ones in my area are either too expensive or too far away for my budget and schedule. Would it be safe for me to train five days in a row while being careful to take it very easy and not rushing the overload? Or should I de-load after a third...
  3. Other/Mixed Heart hypertrophy - is it desirable?

    "Prolonged training at maximal stroke volume is, figuratively speaking, “stretching exercise” for the heart. Muscles pump the blood, and the heart get stretched by the increased flow. As the consequence the heart dilates. It is possible to double its size, and 30-40% is almost a guarantee...
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