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  1. WarrenEllis

    Nutrition Nutrition approach?

    Good afternoon. I know Pavel and company aren't nutritionists, and this is the place to talk strength and not diets. A quit search of the forums with the keyword "nutrition" strengthens this. I also know nutritional requirements and tolerance are very unique and personal. However, I am...
  2. Minimalist

    Bodyweight Human Flag/Side Lever - Isometric Training

    I wonder how long should I hold the position to build more strength in side lever? 5-20 seconds? maybe longer? Better is training with low intensity (tucked legs) and hold position for long time or keep legs straight with shorter time? Do you recommend some books about isometric training?
  3. Barbell POwer to the people help !! Please

    hello im 21 years old i purchased power to the people i ve been working out around 2.5 years now i have gained some muscle and also some fat i m intrigued by the PTTP program im 86kg now around 20-25% bodyfat i want to lose some fat and i want to get stronger my best DL 145kgx3 press 60kgx2 and...
  4. Daveywhit

    Other/Mixed BOOKS??

    What are some of your favorite Training(Strength, conditioning) books you’ve read? What’s your favorite non-fitness book?
  5. coachnathanwhite

    Off-Topic Influential Books

    Learning from another's perspective is an invaluable experience. Here are 10 books in no particular order that have influenced my life personally and professionally. Please share yours, thanks! Note: Thread inspired by @Strong Rick @patterner discussion of "Mediations" by Marcus Aurelius. 1)...
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