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  1. Kettlebell Good calorific deficit for ROP

    Hello all, I'm working through the Rite of Passage program, currently doing 5x5 ladders with the 24kg on the heavy day and trying to compress the rest time whilst I get stronger at pressing the 32kg. During the holiday season, and, to be fair the run up to it also, I put on an extra 8 or 9...
  2. nish1013

    Kettlebell Fat loss KB swings

    Hi All , Is it enough to do 100 swings using an appropriate weight per day to loose body fat effectively? How many calories roughly can burn by doing 100 swings ? I’m on calorie deficit under the guidance of a dietician. Thank you
  3. The Nail

    Nutrition Ketone Supplements Extend Lifespan

    I'm going to try some KetoCaNa...first heard about it on the T. Ferris podcast, now hearing it from this guy. Interesting article. Excerpt below. Ketone Supplements Extend Lifespan - Rogue Health and Fitness ...In modern times, scientists discovered that restricting rats’ food by 10% or more...
  4. Abdul-Rasheed

    Other/Mixed Hypertrophy program and caloric deficit diet

    If one choose to do hypertrophy program, is it foolishness to follow a caloric deficit diet? What's likely to happen? Thoughts?
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