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  1. offwidth

    Other/Mixed Mountain Strong

    @Tiger reached out to me and asked what I thought about starting a ‘Mountain Strong’ thread. Since there are a number of climbers and mountain athletes who participate on the forums here, I thought that it would be a great idea. Many of the SF and Hard Style training methods and philosophies...
  2. strongDad

    Bodyweight Adapting AGT to climbing plyometrics

    Hi Guys, I would like to create an AGT program for some sport climbing sport specific exercises. Can y'all help me work out a program? In basketball players do box-jumps to train vertical leap. Climbers do an equivalent exercise called campus boarding. It's basically a dynamic explosive...
  3. Kettlebell S&S and CNS fatigue

    Background: 33 year old male, athlete most of my life, currently weekend warrior with a desk job. main focus - rock climbing Question: Looking for advice on programming with main concern of overloading central nervous system (CNS) My main purpose for training is rock climbing and...
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