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  1. WarrenEllis

    ETK-ROP "Russian block training" thoughts and suggestions

    Hello all. ETK mentions block training, ROKB prescribes it. I'd like to do a round of ROP with block training, as I want to continue barbell deadlift and squat practice , but I would also like to reserve my "off days" for mobility work. For those unfamiliar, "Russian block training" refers...
  2. WarrenEllis

    Kettlebell S&S and ROP

    Hey SFers. I’d like some opinions on whether I stand to notably lose progress with my current plan. Approximately 8 months ago, after a enjoying predominantly barbell training for a year or two, I decided to revisit my kettlebells and simple and sinister. I re-achieved the Simple standard, and...
  3. Kettlebell Stuck with ETK and transitioning to 32kg

    Hi, After initially starting out doing S&S for the first couple of years of kettlebell training and relatively easily achieving "Simple", I decided to take a step back and give myself a better foundation with ETK, since my pressing was not particularly impressive. So since the beginning of...
  4. Oscar

    Kettlebell ROP - Skipping the negative press?

    I'm at the heavy weeks of ROP and my left shoulder is a bit tired. Last light day I didnt do the negative press. I dropped the bell from overhead to the rack catching it with a dip. The session was easier and my shoulder was happier. I remember the book mentions this alternative, but not sure...
  5. Other/Mixed Benefit of low reps rungs in ladders?

    I've just started RoP, and I'm wondering about the rationale for ladder sets - in particular, I'm wondering about the training effect of rungs with few reps vis a vis "effective reps". The idea of "effective reps," as I understand it, is that you only get a muscular adaptation from reps that...
  6. Chrisroach73

    Kettlebell ROP KB Weight

    I'm about to start ETK ROP. My two handed swing is much stronger than my press. Should I use a heavier bell for my swings, or use the same bell throughout and do one handed swings? Thanks.
  7. Bauer

    Kettlebell Proper Rack Position

    Hi there, in reading ETK I stumbled upon the "warrior posture". I would say it's like a hollow body position with the hips pushed forward. Pavel writes (page 91): This is pretty surprising to me, because I assumed that flat/neutral back, tall spine position was the way to go. However, I...
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