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front lever

  1. Other/Mixed Pain at the left quadratus lumborum every time I do FLs.

    Hi, (18 M) here. Been doing front lever for almost 2 years. I can hold a solid 15-20 seconds with straight arms and clean form. One day I was doing some front lever raises with negatives (I saved that exercise for the end of my training session) and on the last set and rep while I was doing...
  2. Bodyweight Mathematical Model - Weighted Pullups to Front Lever

    Hello Everyone. I have been training calisthenics for two years, and in the process I have noticed that there is correlation between weighted pullup maxes and front lever progressions. Therefore, I have decided to do a mathematics modelling project on weighted pullup to front lever progression...
  3. Bodyweight Active Hangs

    Hello everyone. During ring training the concept of "active hangs" keeps coming up and I would like to know more about the benefits of performing them. For instance, a rings routine prescribes 3x8 active hangs as a progression for the front lever. I was surprised at how hard they to perform...
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