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  1. Barbell Martial art & full body program, when to do what?

    Hey i just started to train again after having your depression. I don't know if it's the best way to do it I need someone to confirm it if it's good or not. I want to hit all the muscles 3 times week & train martial arts 3 times a week, but should I train martial arts and weight training at...
  2. Bodyweight Some advice please - Modifying YAYOG program - Weightloss Journey

    Hi I'm Sam. Been using Mark Lauren's You Are Your Own Gym on and off for 6 years. Absolutely love the program. Recently been watching some of Dr Jim Stoppani's work on youtube. He has convinced me, and I had heard previously, that lowering volume, but working out DAILY in full body format may...
  3. Barbell 54321 Progress

    Greetings, For the past month or so I've been running same-weight 54321 for bench press. My setup is as follows: Frequency: 3x / week - MWF Rest period: < 1 minute Progression: 5 lb jumps per session I used wave cycling, repeating the prior Wednesday workout on the following Monday. I...
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