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  1. Off-Topic How I healed my knee pain

    Hi. I am making this post not as a question but as a "public service". After 2 years of effort I was able to resolve my knee pain and I wanted to share this information with anyone in case it can help others. I struggled greatly with this issue and hope to help others. Two years ago I fell in...
  2. JimmyK

    Kettlebell Old Program Minimum vs New

    This is just a thought that popped in my head, not anything related to my current training, but is there anyone that consistently does the Bent Press + Snatch program minimum and who finds it more fulfilling than the classic Getups + Swings + (Goblet Squats)? I like the variety on this blog and...
  3. nish1013

    Kettlebell Form check Get-Up

    I'm new to Get-up , recently did the StrongFirst one day course. I'm practising only using a shoe. I tried with 8kg KB and found my shoulder couldn't hold it. Did a test by doing the waiter's walk, seems like my shoulders get tired soon. Any feedback on form/technique would be greatly...
  4. Joshua Peping

    Kettlebell From 5 to 10 sets

    I am new to the S&S program and have read the book and am a week into the program. I am completely out of shape and haven't worked out regularly in a number of years. The last time I consistently worked out I was following the Enter the Kettlebell program. I am currently using a 25lb bell for...
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