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  1. Bodyweight Multiple exercises GTG and A+A

    Hi everyone, What do you think about mixing those principles of training: -Everyday GTG on multiple exercises Push-ups, dips, pull-ups, crunches, bw squats (pistols). The idea isn't to focus on one exercice, but to be active all the day by doing many easy sets of different exercises (far...
  2. Oscar

    Kettlebell S&S + Cardio: How do you do it?

    I know many recommend and do cardio in addition to S&S. I´m curious how you organize it and if you liked the results. Below a quote from Pavel, posted by @Bret S. : "Here is the rule of thumb of aerobic training before or after strength training. if you are focusing on neural adaptations, do...
  3. banzaiengr

    Other/Mixed Burning fat vs. burning sugar

    There was a great question in another thread that ask about which energy systems are used in regard to some of the basic "fitness" test we use, such as a 5 min. snatch test. Not being afraid to be the devil's advocate or to ask questions I believe my questions were better served by another...
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