1. Multiple exercises GTG and A+A

    Hi everyone, What do you think about mixing those principles of training: -Everyday GTG on multiple exercises Push-ups, dips, pull-ups, crunches, bw squats (pistols). The idea isn't to focus on one exercice, but to be active all the day by doing many easy sets of different exercises (far...
  2. Oscar

    Question S&S + Cardio: How do you do it?

    I know many recommend and do cardio in addition to S&S. I´m curious how you organize it and if you liked the results. Below a quote from Pavel, posted by @Bret S. : "Here is the rule of thumb of aerobic training before or after strength training. if you are focusing on neural adaptations, do...
  3. banzaiengr

    Burning fat vs. burning sugar

    There was a great question in another thread that ask about which energy systems are used in regard to some of the basic "fitness" test we use, such as a 5 min. snatch test. Not being afraid to be the devil's advocate or to ask questions I believe my questions were better served by another...
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