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  1. Reventio007

    Kettlebell S&S Kettlebell Progression + Proper Swing and TGU Mechanics?

    Hey guys, I've been doing S&S to the letter since March and reading Easy Strength.. My previous forum post is here, for those who would like to see: S&S: Soccer GPP Adaptation?? I believe that, even though I haven't done the swing and tgu test yet, I am capable of moving up weights as I went...
  2. Bodyweight The hollow position pullup alternative

    Another article from the same author, this time about pullup mechanics: Fix Your Pullups with the Trap Bar Basically, the tip is to avoid excessive range of motion, it prevents you from internally rotating and protracting the scapula. For the last few years I did pullups in a typical way -...
  3. The Nail

    Kettlebell S&S Mechanics

    Hi, Anybody know of any literature on the mechanics of the swing and the turkish getup? Thanks Edit: I'm looking for kinesiology/movement mechanics type literature.
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