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  1. lais817

    Other/Mixed Getting through a "mental block" with a certain weight

    I've got an issue with the 24kg bell for presses. It's gotten into my head and even though it is my 2-3RM, I look at it and think to myself "I can't press that bell". It makes me rush my reps, and it's almost as if I'm scared of it. I can easily TGU it, jerk it and swing it til the cows come...
  2. Bauer

    Kettlebell "It's a practice session, not a workout"

    It sounds simple. And yet... The difference is huge! I tend to think that I practice. But when I practice I do more reps than is good for me or I focus on reps and weights and all those numbers. Today I woke up feeling tired and wasn't sure I should train. So I told my self: "Just practice...
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