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pistol squads

  1. Bodyweight Double Reps in 2 Weeks

    I want to keep my question short: I' am training 5/6 times per week for a few months now (mostly strength training). So I can do ~25 pushups, ~10 pullups, ~10 dips and ~10 pistol squads with perfect form in one set. My goal is to double those reps in the next two weeks. (50 pushups, 20...
  2. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Whether a 50% reps is a 50% of effort ? "GTG"

    Whether a 50% of the maximum number of repeating is a 50% of maximum effort ? It is about "GTG" method I'm confused about something. For example: I tested my max in One arm push ups (legs together) I got 4 reps in good form so I decided to do everyday a few sets of 2 reps (50% of max reps)...
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