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  1. Minimalist

    Bodyweight Learning Splits by "Greasing the Groove"?

    Hello, I'm using isometric stretching three times a week from several months. From Pavel's books I learned that to achieve splits you should build strength. Unfortunately I have problems with relaxing my groins, so maybe I should applicate GTG for building strength in my groins?
  2. Chrisdavisjr

    Kettlebell Reverse get-ups

    I was thinking earlier about how to increase the weight I use for my Turkish Get-Ups. I've been using a 24kg bell for a while and am fairly comfortable with it but am still nowhere near being able to perform the movement with a 32kg bell. Would it be a good idea to try 'reverse' get-ups - i.e...
  3. Bodyweight Towel/Gi pull ups plateau

    Hello, I am trying to increase the number of pull ups I can do while holding onto a gi/towel. I used the grease the groove (GTG) method for about 2 months and increased the number of these pull ups I could do from 8 to 14. However, I've been stagnant for a month with no improvement. I've tried...
  4. Lehrskov

    Kettlebell Get Up... or scale back ?

    Hi Everyone - I have a TGU phenomenon that I could really use some advice on. I'm following S&S and having a blast. I'm @32kg on the Getup, which has been quite easy for a while. I can do the 10 reps in 7mins on any given day. I can also do them slowly (which I like), and I'm pretty confident...
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