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  1. Barbell StrongFirst DVD and Choice of Disk Plates

    Hi- Thank you for putting so much into the StrongFirst DVD in a concise manner. I started watching it and like it a lot. btw, the disk plates used in the DVD are not the rubber coated ones, and have handles. Planning to buy my own set of disk plates and wondering whether you favor plates...
  2. IonRod

    Barbell PTTP with 10lb increments?

    I have a weird problem. I am doing PTTP and the gym I go to has several barbells and lots of plates. However, for some strange reason they only have four (!) 2.5lb plates. Usually this is not an issue at all - I only need two at most on any given session and I am always the first one at the gym...
  3. Carl in Dover

    Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB 350# Rogue Hi-Temps bumpers

    $400.00 cash or PayPal 350# Rogue Hi-Temp bumper set Carefully used, not dropped and all beat up. Edges and centers look good. Rubber bumpers are nice as they don't rattle. Pick up in Dover Delaware area. (or I may meet you halfway if deposit sent through PayPal) 4x45# 2x35# 2x25# 2x15# 2x10#...
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