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  1. Heart Rate Question

    Hey, all. I've been using my heart rate monitor in lieu of talk tests for pacing both my S&S & AXE workouts. I like the precision. Anyway, my question relates to the threshold to which I should abide. What I mean is this: 180-my age puts me around 130 BPM. In my workouts, do I need to keep...
  2. Pavel.Kosenkov

    Kettlebell Injuries on S&S

    Guy, a quick question. If this thread should be moved to an appropriate place, please do so. This is my first post. I was wondering how to deal with injuries on S&S program. This looks like overuse, I am already applying some strategies, but I wonder what is the general advice. My body weight...
  3. Carl

    Bodyweight Step Loading for Bodyweight?

    I was re-reading Simple and Sinister’s chapter on step-loading, it occurred to me my own (mostly) calisthenics based training has moved in this direction. An example: Most pull up programmes (as written), are too much volume for me and my joints complain, so I end up modifiying. I’ve learned...
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