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  1. Adachi

    Kettlebell snatching with a sumo stance

    BACKGROUND: So, I'm just as unimpressed with a 2xBW bench press, where the bar travels some fraction of an inch in space, as anyone. And, I've been thinking of how I've been able to increase my rep speed and tempo via stance; while also doing my best to avoid a pause at the top of the rep in my...
  2. Kettlebell Vertical Jump vs KB training

    Hey SF Community, Do we have any guidelines for bodyweight vertical jump force plate data vs KB swing/snatch data and at which kb weight used exceeds force production of jumping? Speed of repetition plays a larger role in this than weight I understand and there's the distinction of vertical vs...
  3. Other/Mixed Sprinting speed questions :)

    Hello StrongFirst Forum, I have done a lot of research before posting this. But I hope you want to answer some questions so I can be sure :):) I want to improve my sprinting speed with about 10 km/h My thoughts and close to a plan looks like this: - Drop my body fat to around 9% - Sprint...
  4. Carl

    Bodyweight When to end a set?

    Hi all, I'm interested in hearing thoughts and experiences of stopping most sets based on when speed starts slowing down. Is this as hard as StrongFirst recommends pushing a set outside of record attempts? My focus is higher rep bodyweight basics (chins, dips, skater squats). I come from...
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