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wim hof method

  1. Second Wind Wim Hof Breathing

    Hey all, I'm a week or two back from the awesome workshop in Seattle! Going through my notes and wanted to verify - I remember Pavel commenting on Wim Hof breathing but in looking through my notes I could not find the verdict. Could someone else here comment on whether Wim Hof breathing is ok...
  2. Lane Britnell

    Easy Strength+Wim Hof Method

    Lane Britnell Age: 25 6ft, 160lbs Background: Pole Vault SFG, SFL Goals: -Finish each set with a rep in the bank for the entire 8 week program -Train pain free -Enjoy training -Alleviate Crohn's disease symptoms. The right amount of training really helps me with appetite, sleep, and mood...
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