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Easy Strength+Wim Hof Method

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Lane Britnell

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Lane Britnell
Age: 25
6ft, 160lbs
Background: Pole Vault
-Finish each set with a rep in the bank for the entire 8 week program
-Train pain free
-Enjoy training
-Alleviate Crohn's disease symptoms. The right amount of training really helps me with appetite, sleep, and mood issues.
-Compete in strongman in 2018 season


Upon Rising:
Grip dynamometer: 136L/136R (lbs)
Bodyweight: 160.5lbs
Wim Hof Breathing (guided) x4/30 (rounds/breaths)
1st breath hold: <1min
4th breath hold: 1:30
Cold bath (Neck down, just cold water from the tap as its -10 outside) :40 seconds
This was my first time doing a bath instead of a shower, and was significantly more intense.

Training 4pm
Intention: to complete each rep with authority

Prep: one round
Prying Goblet Squat (PGSQ) x5
Arm Bar 20kg x5+5
Decompression Hang x5 breaths
TGU 24kg x1+1

Easy Strength:
Push: Bench Press (BP) 165x5, 155x5
Squat: Back Squat (BSQT) 185x5/2
Hinge: Sumo Deadlift (DL) 315x5/2
Pull: Chin up w/pause @top 28kgx5, 24kgx5
Explosive movement: Two-arm swing (2AS) Every minute on the minute (EMOTM) 48kgx10 minutes, breathing through nose only. 5 swings for first 5 rounds, then backed off to 3 swings on the minute for 6 more. 49 total swings in 11 minutes or 2352kg/11min
Press: Military Press (MP) 95x5, 105x5*
Gait: Suitcase carry 48kg x1 hallway down and back per hand

Did I achieve my goal/intention? No. Some of my swings had sloppy lockouts. I need to focus on each rep.

What did I learn today? A squat is still a squat. Use your damn legs. (Since learning how to back squat wide stance, "powerlifter style" a few months ago, I've been going too horizontal/hinge-y. I brought my feet in closer for my second set and it took a lot of pressure off my low back)

*Why two major pressing movements? Because my bench is weak. The overall poundage of the two lifts is still too low for them to compete with each other. More mental RAM perhaps, sure, but I have the time and right now I'm enjoying "practicing" both lifts. Once I'm benching significant poundages, I'll ditch the MP.
Poor sleep last night.
Grip test 125L/130R
BW: 161.5lbs

WHM Breathing x3/30
Breath holds
1st round: 26 seconds
2nd round: 1:21
3rd round: 1:05

Cold bath: 1 minute

Easy Strength
Intention: No dilly dallying! Get in and out today.

Prep with 2okg
TGU 1+1
TGU+Prying Overhead Lunge+Windmill x1+1

BSQT 185x5/2
DL 315x5/2 Tried hook grip for the 1st time. Meh.
2AS 48kgx3 EMOTM x17 rounds (51 total swings)
MP 115x5, 105x5
Chin Up 28kgx5, 24kgx5
BP 155x5/2
Suitcase carry 48kg hallway down and back x1+1

What did I learn today?
- Same as yesterday. Squatting narrower with more dorsiflexion, aka a "squattier" squat, works much better for my anatomy than a wide stanced, "feet in ski boots" type of back squat.

Did I achieve my intention? Yes.
Do I feel stronger than I did before my training session? Yes.
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Grip 132/140
BW 160.7

WHM breathing x30/3
0:52, 1:28, 1:17
Cold bath: 50 seconds. Was able to "soften" my breath better today.

Training intention: Back was a little sore this morning, don't make it worse.
Dowel hinge x10
"Prying" TGU spending a little time in each position 12kg x1+1
TGU to windmill 20kg 1+1
Tactical Frog
Lunge Stretch

-BP 155x4 (lost position and didn't go for the 5th) 165x3, 175x2
-2AS 24kgx5 EMOTM x10 rounds. Cut the weight in half to "recalibrate" my swing today.
-DL 315x5, 335x3, 345x2
-BSQT 185x3, 205x3, 225x2 Feeling much better with more dorsiflexion
-MP 115x5, 125x3, 130x2
-Chin up 28x5, 32x3, 36x2
-Suitcase carry 1 hallway down+back per hand

Did I achieve my intention today? Yes

What did I learn today? Bring feet closer together for BP. Driving "forward and up" was a helpful cue for coming out of the hole in squats.

Do I feel stronger than I did before my training session? Yes.

Grip: 124/139

WHM breathing x30/3
1:00, 1:10, 1:28
Cold bath: 50 seconds

Training intention: Acheive "success" by means of perfect reps, not heavy loads.

TGU 1+1, Arm bar 5+5, Shoulderok swing 5+5, Windmill 5+5

Suitcase walk 48kg hallway down+back x1+1
BP 155x5/2
BSQT 185x5/2
DL 275x5/2 New rule of thumb: if I need to mix my grip, its too heavy
Chin up 24kg x5/2
MP 115x5/2
One Arm Swing x4 EMOTM x12 rounds. Alternated 24, 28, 32 switching hands every set. Two hand swings had been bothering my back which is really unusual, but switching to 1arm seemed to remedy the issue.

Do I feel stronger than I did before training? No, but not because of any poor decisions. I'm just tired.

Did I achieve my intention for the day? Yes. Reps were solid.

What did I learn today? Keep tension through the whole press, specifically the second half when bench pressing. I learned today that my BP was all "trigger" ie, really good leg drive and "armpit drive" , but not enough tricep tension through the second half of the press.
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What's your thought process behind that like?
I'm the type who tends to let my ego get the best of me, so limiting the load to what I can pull double overhand is just a way of ensuring I don't get into trouble messing with limit weights.
I'm the type who tends to let my ego get the best of me, so limiting the load to what I can pull double overhand is just a way of ensuring I don't get into trouble messing with limit weights.

That makes sense. I couldn't do it myself, though, as I don't think I can lift comfortably even at 80% 1RM with double overhand. I somehow also feel less strong with the double overhand grip, so I've given up on it. I use the ligher reps to improve my weaker mixed grip instead.

Grip: 129L/123R

I made a really foolish mistake yesterday and tweaked my shoulder. After training I was visiting with some of the powerlifters at the gym who were playing around with a 95lb barbell, joking about how light it was. I figured I'd jump in and bent press it, but it didn't go. 48kg is "usually" an easy BTP for me,but I didn't take into consideration that im currently 15lbs underweight and extremely detrained, but my ego got the best of me. I couldnt lock out either side, and didn't notice any pain, but by the time I got home my right shoulder was aching. It's definitely impingement, something I've experienced before. This morning it clearly even affected my grip strength. I'm really upset with myself for making such a bonehead decision.

Wim Hof Breathing x30/8
I did 8 rounds in a row for the first time, had a really profound and almost drug like experience after round 6. Lots of tingles and neat sensations. I find this protocol really good for "breathing into" old injuries, it feels like all of the tissues in my body are getting "flushed out" in a sense. Feels good anyways.

I forgot to save my results on my stopwatch, but set a new "PR" breath hold of around 1:50.
Cold Bath 40 seconds

Intention: Forgot to set one. I was working with a student prior to training and we went late so I just jumped right in. Was not feeling motivated to train.

DL 295x5/2
Safety Bar Squat: 1 plate per side (unsurehow much the bar weights) x5/2. Shoulder could not even back squat today.

Had a meeting to get to so I couldnt finish.
After meeting I did my swings and some presses at home.

Left arm swings only EMOTM: 24x5, 28x4, 32x3, 36x2, repeated 3 times, so 12 total rounds. 42 total swings, 1200 total kg lifted/12 minutes.

Left arm MP 24x5/2

No pulling or right arm pressing today.

Do I feel stronger than before my training session? Yes! I'm very glad I still stuck around the gym to squeeze in my squats and pulls. I felt energized after.

What did I learn? Don't be an idiot. Getting injured and missing training is no fun.
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Didn't check grip.

WHM breathing x30/4
Cold Bath 40 seconds

Day off from training.

Grip Dynamometer 123L/133R
WHM breathing x30/3
1:15, 1:33, 1:10
Cold Bath 45 seconds
Day off from training.
Grip: 123L/142R
WHM Breathing x30/3
Cold Bath 1:10 , new cold exposure "PR". I will note that the cold exposure is done "without forcing" , I always get out when my body tells me its enough.

Training intention: Decide all the numbers beforehand and then simply execute.

Safety Bar BSQT 170x2/5
DL 295x5, 275x5
Left MP 24x5/2
Left Dumbell Curl 35lbx5/2
Farmer walk 48kg 2 hallway lengths per hand. Feels good on the bad shoulder.
Left Arm Swings 24x6, 28x5,32x4, 36x3 EMOTM , repeated 3 times for 54 total swings/9 minutes.

Did I achieve my intention? Yes

Do I feel stronger than I did before my training session? Yes

What did I learn today? Upon video review of my deadlifts, although though my lumbar is flat and locked in, my upper back looks extremely rounded. Today I was working especially on packing my shoulders and lats, and the humped-over looking position is what resulted in feeling tight an strong. I will film more on Saturday.
December 1
Forgot dynamometer
WHM Breathing x30/3
Cold Shower: 2 min or so

Training intention: Enjoy the movement!

Prep: BU carry (feels amazing for tweaked shoulder) , Cossack, lunge stretch.

SBBQSQT : 170x5/2
DL 275x5/2
Left MP 24x5/2
Dumbell curl 35x2/5 I can do curls on both sides, just cant go overhead yet.
Suitcase Carry 48kg x2 hallways/hand
Swings 28x6, 32x5,36x4, repeated 3 times, then one more 28x6for 51 total swings/10 minutes

Did I achieve my intention? Yes :)

Do I feel stronger than I did before? Yes

What did I learn today? A tight slightly forward lean from the ankles before descending into back squats seems to really help my groove.

Grip 137L/144R. Looks like today will be a strong day!

I left my training journal at the gym, and do not have my notes available. However today was 6x1, and it went fantastic. Worked up to a 270 safety bar squat and a 415 DL. Both were repeatable efforts. Left the gym feeling strong.

Did WHM breathing x30/3 and a 50 second cold bath in the evening.

Did not train today. I didn't sleep last night, and today I flew to Victoria, BC where I will be working for a couple of weeks now. Also didn't eat enough to recovery yesterday, Crohn's disease can make eating enough difficult and I've learned not to push it when I'm depleted.

I did, however bring my trusty 24kg as a carry on and got my fair share of "suitcase" walking through Vancouver airport!

Upon arrival to my AirBnB the last thing I wanted to do was breathing and a cold shower after such a long day and no food or sleep. Same feeling as not being motivated to lift. I did my 3 rounds of breathing however, and felt immediately more "recovered". Funny how easy that was. There's no tub in my suite. Tried a cold shower but the water doesnt come out of the taps cold enough here!

Will post today's update after work!


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Grip 150/155, strongest so far this cycle
WHM breathing x30/4
Tried cold shower again, but its not very cold here. Basically took a regular shower with "cool" water.

Trained at a commercial gym today. Ugh.
Intention: be present in each rep

2AS x6 EMOTM 24, 32, 32, 40/5 48 swings/8minutes

BSQT 135x5, 225x3, 245x2. They didn't have a safety bar but my shoulder has calmed down enough that I was actually able to backsquat. Exploring different grips actually helped me find a really nice positions. A narrower grip, narrower stance, and a more aggressive forward shin angle made for some epic feeling squats today! I used to hate squatting but now it feels good! This is something I'm loving about the high frequency training, the skill acquisition simply happens faster when you have more opportunities to practice in a week.

DL- No dropping weights, of course. I did 225x5/2 , but lowered the weights slowly until they just barely kissed the floor, and then reversed the movement. This was a tremendous groove-building, or perhaps groove-"finding" exercise. I've always found consecutive DL reps to have better start positions then the first rep from the floor, in beginners such as myself anyways. There's just something about the eccentric portion of the lift that helps you find optional tension and position in the bottom position, just like how we teach the press from the top down. I learned I can actually be maintaining a lot stronger/prouder sternum position when I wedge at the bottom of the lift.

BP- 135x5/2. First time testing out the bench again. It's one of those tweaks that actually forces you to do things right, and only hurts if you get into the wrong positions. Reps felt really solid and controlled.

Suitcase walk 40kg x1 gym length and back per hand

Chin up- BW x5/2

Did I achieve my intention? No. But about 80%
DO I feel stronger than I did before training? Yes
What did I learn today? See BSQT and DL

Finally got to meet fellow SFG Cody Lasko at his gym, BDHQ in Victoria. We're certainly two peas in a pod. It was great having a courage corner to train and be barefoot again!

New block for easy strength. No bench press or power rack here, but lots of bells.

BB Front squat 60kgx5/2 wow, I am even rustier than I anticipated. Lots of strength to be gained here which excites me!

Tactical pull up bw x5/2 still just testing the shoulder
Left arm MP 24x5/2

For my hinge movement I started doing "tempo" conventional pulls. I have decided to committing to conventional pulls, as I want to compete in strongman next year. Today I did 130kgx5/2

Swings. No timing just going when ready. 16x5, 24x10, 32x5, 40x5, 48x5, 56x15, 56x10, 48x5. First time ever swinging a 56kg, this was fun! I was blown away by how light the beast felt after it. Great times.

Do I feel stronger than before training. Yes.
What did I learn? I need to pay attention to my bracing in barbell front squats.

Very poor sleep last night. Long day at work, then I volunteered to coach a co worker after work. She took me to her commercial gym and I snuck in a couple lifts after her session. Better than no training.

Tempo DL 225x5/2
BB FS 135x5/2
Pull up bw x5/2

What did I learn? Prioritize your training.
Do I feel stronger than before? No.
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