Kettlebell 10,000 Swings Done...Now What?

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Last year when lock downs were implemented during covid-19 I attempted Dan John's 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge as written in the original article. I used a 60lb kettlebell which I bought online. I followed the 5x(10, 15, 25, 50) format and mostly focused on the swings, going a little lax on the other strength movements.

It's a great program to challenge your grit and willpower as well as build a good bit of posterior chain strength. I wanted to do the same again about a year later, but with heavier swings and to take the strength movements more seriously. I started with 32kg swings in clusters of 15 swings, 1 strength movement rep, 35 swings, 2 strength movement reps (x10). For the strength movements I chose floor press, dips, weighted chin-ups and Zercher squat. My goal besides just to finish all the swings was to make the weights I chose feel light by the end.

Today was day 19 of the challenge, meaning I'll finish tomorrow morning. It started feeling great around day 3-4, and I'd say I've made my goals for the program; my swings are so much stronger and all of the low-rep strength movements have gotten quite a bit easier. I was in good shape before starting, but I want to say I've noticed a little hypertrophy in my posterior chain and shoulders as well as a bit less body fat.

The advice I'm looking for is: what next? I'd like to switch to a park bench program after this because your body definitely takes a beating with all the accumulated fatigue by the end (due to a busy schedule I'll finish in 26 days). I really like mixing swings and dips (swing sandwiches FTW) and practicing Zercher squat. A/B/C programs are also a favorite, so I've tried to put together a sort of A/A'/C park bench program in my head and I'd happily take some feedback:
Day A:
Zercher squat (rule of 10)
4 x (5 swings; weighted dips or floor press; 10 swings; a bit more weighted dips or floor press; 10 swings)
Barbell rollout x 5-10

Day A':
2 x (5 swings; 2 ZSq; 10 swings; 3 ZSq; 10 swings)
2 x (5 swings; dips/floor press; 10 swings; dips/floor press; 10 swings)
Barbell rollout x 5-10

Day C:
Strength Aerobics (20-30mins)
Heavy Farmers Walk/Sled Push

What's a good "rule" for total volume for weighted dips? With floor press I'd also follow the rule of 10 like with Zercher squats. I've been mixing in some heavier (36kg) swings for the past couple workouts so I'd like to use 40kg for sets of 5 and 36 or 32kg for sets of 10, keeping total number of swings at 100 or so.

In terms of "goals," to be honest I'm not really sure. Getting through the current iteration of this challenge was the biggest so far. I'd maybe like to work on getting my Zercher squat max up as well as increase my pressing strength either on weighted dips or floor press. And heavy swings are just plain fun so I want to keep doing those without wearing my body stress has been punishing enough.

Anyways, thoughts are much appreciated! Thank you!
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Zercher is a great idea. Definitely an underappreciated lift, IMO. I'm a huge fan of just about any dedicated strength program, kettlebell press is probably my "desert island" choice, but the Zercher is an excellent option. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


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As far as dips are concerned, you can pick up the dip portion of these articles:

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