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Rob Lawrence

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Congratulations to everyone on the launch of this community!

It's tough to believe but I have now known Pavel for 12 years. I always actively seek coaches and mentors in every thing I do, but few people have had more of an influence on me. I'm sure many of you would say the same about his influence on you.

I've written a blog entry for Pavel about StrongFirst which should be coming out soon. Look for that.

All the best comrades!


Can't wait for the new blog entry.  Your articles (Light People Heavy Weights,etc) were key in helping me understand that strength can be achieved without adding unwanted mass.

Lars, thanks! I am getting back to strength training now after five years of boxing. I'm stunned at what people in this community have achieved and what they've pushed each other to do. It's very exciting.
Rob, I read somewhere that you were doing some boxing and body weight training.  Great to see that you'll be contributing here!  It'd be cool to see some strength articles for weight class / endurance based athletes.


Thoughts on a SFC (Strong First Challenge) in the Spring? Maybe on the 6 month anniversary of the site launch?

Based on 4500+ FB likes, it could be a very big virtual, global event....

Pull Up



Shawn, don't know where the community comes down nowadays, but when we put together the original TSC the conclusion was that DL, PU, SN was the easiest to judge and the closest to "party doctrine."
Rob - Good to see you back. I look forward to reading your upcoming blog post and hope you'll be contributing more to the community.

This is why we have the TSC, which is alive and doing well both in and out of the kettlebell community.  We have several new divisions - check out


Steve Freides, StrongFirst Team Leader
Rob, it's great to see you back.  I didn't get in on kettlebells until 2009, but read your early articles as well as your prominence in ETK.  Always wondered where you went.
Been a long time Rob.  Great to see you back and always a learning experience when you are here.  Looking forward to your blog.  Are you up and running now?


Great to have you here, Rob!

Thanks for a great blog. Ladies and gents, it will be posted soon.
Glad to see you here Rob. It's always a pleasure to read what you have to say about strength.

Rob - Look forward to reading your blog post.
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