90 Degree Push-up

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by 305pelusa, Nov 7, 2017.

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    I remember watching Jim Bathurst ages ago doing 90 degree Push-ups. It was this video (he also dips lower than normal, which is pretty cool). Man that guy is an inspiration:

    It's a rather rare skill, but some others have worked on them. LittlebeastM comes to mind in particular for getting a ridiculous 10 in a row O_0:

    It's a hybrid between Planche Push-ups and HSPUs (so-called Multi-plane Pressing). Those skills felt solid to me so decided to just try one for the first time today:

    I was happy to get one and humbly wanted to share with everybody :) I'm super excited to add it to my training now. It really feels like a unique and worthwhile skill. No wonder so many people have recommended me to work on them haha.

    Keep on rocking on fellow BW trainees!
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    This is super cool. Multitasking movement sounds perfect!
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    respect I saw you struggling to get elbow extension in the middle and could tell how taxing it was for you!
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    First off, impressive demonstration of strength and balance !

    On high volume, in your opinion, what about the wrist ? I ask because when I built up volume for the front lever (bar version), I ended up with a slight (nothing significant at all) pain in the wrist.

    Kind regards,

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    While it is very difficult, it might be amusing to say that happened because I literally don't know how to do the movement. There's this perfect groove on the way up where if you bend the arms too much, it becomes a HSPU and becomes vertical enough that it becomes harder (like how an overhead press is harder than an incline press). So you want some amount of horizontality. But too much (arms are too straight) and it becomes a Planche push-up, and the leverage makes it impossible. So there is some perfect path.

    What you see in the video is me thinking "OK press more horizontally in case my legs are dragging... Nope that is way too difficult, try again going a little more vertical". If you look again, you'll realize it. So still plenty of practice ahead :D

    I don't know how my wrists would take a high volume of 90 degree PUs. I don't think I can even do a high volume of them anyways haha. But the PBs make it surprisingly easy on the wrists. Some folks with strong wrists can do it on the floor but for my personal purposes of strength, I'm not sure the extra risk warrants it.
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    WOW! nice job dude!
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    Oh hehe thanks guys ^_^

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