Add-on weights/adjustable bells available in the UK


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Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK from whom I could source either some 4kg add-on weights that can be safely attached to a kettlebell or a decent adjustable kettlebell (like the one offered by kettlebell kings)?

I'd like to start working with double KBs and it seems impractical to start buying duplicate kettlebells if I can either create pairs using the bells I've got an some extra weight or acquire a variable weight bell.

Also, if anyone knows of any DIY solutions that would also be very helpful.



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I've done the duct tape thing doing the plan strong plan. For pressing it was fine, with a watchful eye cleaning and only for a few reps. Wouldn't do taping doing swings or snatches. If looking for doubles I'd buy another matching bell or mix weights. Those magnets look good though, if only to have the pleasure of quoting classic lines from breaking bad.


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I have tied 2x2.5 kg to my kettlebell with a rope. It sounds bad, but it works fine. You need a very slim and resistant rope. I have tried it even with snatches with no problem.***

I´m thinking on a DIY design for attaching normal plates of 2.5 and 1.25 to a kettlebell with a ratchett strap, based on an idea by @Manuel Fortin, but I havent tested it yet. If I test it and it works fine I´ll share it here.

***EDIT: I would be careful if attempting this as it is not easy to tie it together.
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sooo I recently did a diy of @Manuel Fortin idea. 2kg plates, attached 2 tie down straps to them via vet tape (a weird yet crazy strong tape substance, bulls and horses can't rip it so yeah) works fine. done swings, cleans even jerks. now problems. not perfect but good enough to work on doubles.

EDIT: if you make these be careful.
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