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Diego Flores

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Just thought it would be nice to start a thread about the different kind of shoes used by the party. Whether it be deadlifting, squatting, olympic lifts, or bell work, I am sure people have different favorites.


I have always lifted and done kettlebell work in socks but I am thinking of getting some shoes to make it easier (and safer) to move about the gym. Before that, I was using Chucks.

For deadlifts & kettlebells at home I go barefoot.  Also barefoot jogging in a local park.  At the office I wear boat shoes and toss the insoles out.  For hike/jogs I wear low-profile trail runners.  Toss the insoles out, trim off the tread with a breadknife.  Sightly elevated heels, but an OK compromise.
all good choices! How do you like the skeletoes, milkman?


I was looking at the asics tai chi's...very thin and lightweight.

I usually train barefoot while indoors.  As for daily wear I like chuck Taylor's, onitsuka tigers, and merrell barefoot shoes.  I have a pair of gortex merrell trail gloves that I wear to work as a restoration company project manager, I yearn for a day when they figure out how to make a "barefoot" Workboot.  anytime I have to put on heavy workboots my felt feel numb after an hour.  I've been in low profile shoes ever since hearing pavels advice several years ago and was thrilled when minimalist shoes started catching on.
Gotta love Chuck Taylors for... well, just about everything.

VS Athletics has these flat-soled canvas sneaks (like Chucks) for cheeeeeeap:

I have just started experimenting with squat shoes. Too early to critique.
Diego, I do not know if they are still available but Feelmax from Finland (bought them on Amazon) are  excellent.  Of course, Chucks are great.
For us folks that grew up in Los Angeles, Vans are the shoes of choice for KB's.  Flat, skateboarding shoes are perfect for me for swings, etc.  But best is barefoot, outside on a nice sunny day.
Diego, have you considered the venerable Adidas Samba? Designed for indoor soccer, they are as "flat" as you can get, insanely comfortable, mega durable (been wearing the same pair daily for almost two years now and they show very little signs of wear), affordable ($45-$60), and quite stylish to boot.
I never thought about using skate shoes! Will try them tomorrow. Steve, though not work boots the brand that Pavel was referring to has some hiking boots. Sambas have always been a classic soccer shoe. I forgot all about them.


The feelmax panka Pavel talked about look nice as well.


I wasn't really in the market for shoes but all this talk now currently has me on amazon.

im loving my fivefingers.. i use them as much as the wife lets me (aparently they dont look good enough when i dress up) and ofcourse bare foot as much as posible.

im living i china i some times use the classic tai chi shoes (black flat shoes)  because they are around 2 usd a pair. but i find the sole a bit to stiff. but like i said if i can pull it off socially i only go bare feet or fivefingers
Barefoot for me with the exception of barbell squats.   For the women out there:  I recently purchased a pair of  IRONEVE's weightlifting shoes and love them.  That slight heel lift did help give me an edge on both my form and stability.   I was able to get significantly deeper into my squat.
I actually use water socks/shoes. Just a neoprene upper and a thin, flat rubber sole. They are fairly durable. They are also cheap, so when they do go out I don't mind dropping another $15 on them.


I wear vibram five fingers for just about everything, I love em. But I also have come across these "outdoor socks" online which i might buy when I need a new pair:,news-14186.html
I use Feiyue martial arts shoes. They're thin, light-weight, and have almost no sole.
I dont think the Vivo Barefoot EVO II's can be beat. Best shoes I've ever used for kettlebells and they dont look strange like the five fingers.
I've been shopping around, and we have VERY limited access here in Oz, so finally just ordered some vivobarefoot ultras on Amazon. I tried to order the Feelmax, but I think they are still having a lot of internal issues. I know a group of investors purchased them and they are trying to get back up to speed, but service is definitely lacking. Hoping these Vivos will be good. Read lots of good stuff on them. Spending about 1/2 what I would have purchasing here in Oz. Besides, nobody has my size here and would be ordering and having shipped anyway. No sense paying 2x and still having to wait for shipping.
i have a question about the chucks.  it looks like they have a high restrictive ankle is that annoying? also is the bottom of that shoe thick?

what do people think of nike frees?
I have a bit of an addiction to chuck taylor's. I'm up to around 7 or 8 pair in the past few months. Great for every day wear, work (I seem to have started a trend at my gym) and training. I also have a pair of new balance minimus zero's and vivobarefoot. All great, but chucks win hands down for overall use
daniel- I go with the low top versions, and no the bottom of the shoe is very thin. If you go hi top I usually keep the top laces un done.


Nike free's aren't all that free. Still elevated and unstable. I've toyed with the idea of getting a pair for every day (non-training) wear, but I can't justify the cost.
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