Any 150+ Lbs KettleBell in California

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  1. Waffles03

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    I was wondering where can I purchase 150 lbs. or more kettlebell in southern California? I would like purchase from Rogues Fitness or X Training Equipment, but the shipping cost is pretty high.
  2. Maine-ah KB

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    Kettlebell kings has 68kg (150lb) and 80kg (176lb) with free shipping. there currently out of stock but you could keep an eye out.
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  3. Steve W.

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    Not that you asked, but for two-arm swing that heavy, I'd recommend a plate-loadable device. It's going to be cheaper, cheaper to ship ("free" shipping is just included in the price, and buying locally isn't likely to be much cheaper if it is possible at all), and gives you a lot more loading options.

    Here are a couple from a source I have had good experience with:

    Plateau Buster-Swing Handle

    Basic Swing Unit

    Unlike a T-handle, you can use these one-handed as well. I have the "plateau buster handle," which I like better than the "basic swing unit" because it is shorter (I have not used the basic swing unit). I also have a couple of plate-loadable maces from Strongergrip and they are well-made and work very well. Although the website mostly shows it with 45lb plates, it is much less awkward with 25lbers. Although the plateau buster works fine, I honestly don't use it much. I just don't feel the need for swinging that heavy, and when I want to heavily load the ballistic hinge I do double cleans.

    If you are actually the dude in the video below, then yes you might be able to use a 68kg KB for your light days:
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  4. Waffles03

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    Cool, thank you guys for the info.
  5. Waffles03

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    Hi Steve, does swinging the plateau buster feel similar to swinging a kettlebel?
  6. Steve W.

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    Yes. It's a little taller than my biggest bell, which is 44kg, so it has a slightly different feel, but not dramatically so. With 25lb plates, you don't have to take a very wide stance. The loading bars stick out far enough in the front and back so that if your swing is overly squatty you could potentially hit the ground, but I would have to intentionally drop extra low to make it happen -- it's never happened to me in normal use. The plates do rattle a bit in use, but that's never bothered me.

    Overall, I think it's a good product. Ryan Pitts, the guy behind Strongergrip, has accommodated me in modifying products before (maces with different lengths and handle diameters, and modifications to the plate-loading mechanism that I believe are now standard), so if there's some way you would want the dimensions modified to your needs you can probably get it like that if you ask.
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  7. Waffles03

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    Cool and thank you.

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