Are barbells necessary for military strength?

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I'm also more interested in passing selection than performing as an operator at the moment, and I am aware these are very different skill sets.
If I may return to the first post in this thread, isn't the purpose of passing selection being selected to perform as an operator? Why would you, assuming I understand this correctly, want to pass an entrance exam into a place you don't want to be?



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I will tell you that your current situation is a balancing act of sorts. Yes you need to prepare to be able to pass selection BUT you also need to be able to perform once you make it to your detachment, company, team, etc. My time in special operations again and again have proven that those who work only concentrating on selection alone did not make it. It may be different in your regiment, but the majority of US SOF (special operations forces) expect you to be able to perform up to and beyond the standard after selection, through your qualification, and whilst serving on a team. Cadre do not have time to hold your hand when it comes to PT and expect you to be putting the time in on your own to better yourself.
I apologize if my post seems a bit bitter or harsh, but it’s the reality of special operations. The knowledge and advice given to you here is more than I ever received when preparing for my journey in SOF. So my general advice to you is to put your head down, put in the work, and prepare yourself to perform after selection. Selection only gets your foot in the door. After that, the real work begins.
Good luck
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