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Other/Mixed ATG Split Squat?

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)

the hansenator

Level 6 Valued Member
Has anyone used the ATG split squat that Ben Patrick, aka Knees Over Toes Guy, recommends?

Just wondering what your experience with it has been and if it's worth pursuing?

the hansenator

Level 6 Valued Member
I tried it last night with my front foot elevated a little. It felt good but might take some getting used to.

Do you have any programming tips? Where’s a good place to put it?


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Hey, funny you should post this. I'm just about to post coming back to StrongFirst from ATG. :)
As for programming it, I/we would need to know your current routine. As a default, if you're doing it weighted, I'd recommend doing it on Variety Days. If you're doing it unweighted, do it later in the day as more of a mobility/flexibility drill.

the hansenator

Level 6 Valued Member
I'm still getting used to the exercise so I suspect it will be unweighted for a while. I'm just trying to ease into it and feel it out a bit for now.


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Test it out by doing it as recommended: in whatever pain-free variation you need.

If it helps, cool.

If it doesn't help, and/or makes things worse, have a physio check:
-you hip's ability to internally rotate
-the ability of your tibia to internally rotate (relative to your femur) as you flex your knee
-you foot's ability to pronate. You need foot pronation for dorsiflexion.

All of the above are some things in the kinetic chain that are components of hip/knee/ankle flexion. An ATG split squat may helpl you acheive these things, if you do them properly. However, if you just jam your knee as far past your toes as you can without something listed above happening, you might run into some issues.

Emphases on "may, might, could, maybe...."

Hope it helps.
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