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Hey Christine - trained double bells as this was the RKC requirements prior to changing back to singles, so yes I am ready :) Are you heading across?

Private message me at :)

Andrew Palmer

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G'day everyone, thought I'd throw my name in the ring also. My names Andrew Palmer, I'm from Sydney and I'm also a personal trainer working primarily with kettlebells and bodyweight.

I will certify as SFG soon as I am ready physically to attend the 3-day cert. I'd personally like to holiday in the US, and take the opportunity to attend a cert at the same time, but would not be averse to taking a cert here in Australia.

I'm excited to see where StrongFirst is heading, and watching it grow.


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Hey guys, I'm in Perth too.

Got to be honest though, I have no plans to do any certs, be it SFG, RKC or anything else.

Just training to get stronger!


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Very good choice, at keeping with your double bells, too easy with a single !
Go head ! I know a part of your story, and I am sure you are very, very motivate, so,go head !
Will get back to you, I live in WA.
Best of luck !!! ( luck doesn't help really, prefer to rely on my training and not on luck... )


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Andrew and Tania, you are both in Sydney and ready to your SF certification, same, go head, you are not going to be disappointed, and very surprised I guess, and in good.
I found in USA, everybody very knowledgeable , helpful, friendly and so humble.


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Hi aussieluke, nothing wrong, you are not after a certification, I was not after a certification either. But flew to USA, and met a wonderful Team, ...
A certification is not always " a goal " but, obviously, at posting here today, you did the good choice.
And you are very welcome to ask everything you want in matter of training on this forum.


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Hello all, thought I'd day g'day too, I'm a HKC from Sydney. Not a personal trainer or anything, just love bells and getting stronger. Just got Kettlebell Strong from Geoff Nuepert, when I hit my current Deadlift goal I will transition into that.

If there was a cert in Oz I'd be keen to do it though




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Hi, Steve, thanks for your post, important for us to have from time to time a post from USA, because we are all very isolated, 3 in Brisbane, 1 in Melbourne,
1 in Hobart and 2 in Perth !!!
Hi, Pat, the best for you is to contact Tania and Andrew, they are in Sydney and also look ready for a certification.
Hi, Toby, where are you !


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H, I'm from Melbourne.

I was lucky enough to tag along to one of Andrew's beginner workshops at a MMA gym my friend trained at.  I was still doing Hung Gar Kung Fu back then (before a Aki Akijujutsu incident stopped me from doing contact sport) and my strikes got heavier. My endurance's got better too, with the hard style swing!

I am not a fitness professional. Just want to get stronger. :)


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So, today :
- Queensland : Alan, Shaun and Piers are SFG certified,+ Bill and Gray + Gray ?
- Sydney : Tania, Andrew, Hayden and Pat.
- Melbourne : Samuel is SFG certified,+ Toby
- Hobart : John is SFG certified.
- W-A. : TC and Christine are SFG certified,+ Peter, Jason and Aussiluke.
- Marc Lambada : SFG certified and in Australia from time to time ?
Today, we are 19, not bad in 2 months.
Wonder why we were only 20 RKC only,in 2 years ??? ( before the last RKC in Melbourne ),very strange...


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The  community is growing ...Awesome!

For those of you not on my FB friends list, hit me up here:

Or alternatively you can PM me -

Gray - where abouts in Brisbane are you based? I operate Hardstyle Strength & Conditioning from Milton, Brisbane. Come check us out as it would be great to meet you.

Andrew Palmer

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I wonder how much larger the aussie contingent can grow. Looking really positive.

Tania, I'm an outdoor pt, so I train anywhere within 30mins of Redfern/Alexandria. Taking forever to find a gym.


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We are everywhere, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Perth, with the same motivation.
I wrote, " it is strange ! ", it is not at all.
This community is going to be huge.
If most of Masters, Seniors and Team Leaders are StrongFirst now, could be for a good reason ???
Very positive.


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Gray, and anyone else in Brisbane... hit Alan up, or myself, about the fat loss challenge we will be starting on the 28th. Should be really good, as the results last time were terrific. Its a full program... detox, diet, bodyfat scans, and of course the awesome training. We'll wrap it up with a beach workout, BBQ, and fun day at the beach. Our slogan... The will to do, the soul to dare... Train Hardstyle.

Anyone game?
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