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Discussion in 'Product Recommendations - Other Training-Related' started by Oscar, Jan 7, 2019.

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    Cool idea, but I question how long they would last at $60 a pop.

    Steve, how are these to deadlift in?
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  4. Steve Freides

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    I don't usually deadlift in them, I usually just DL in my socks. But they'd be fine for that, I'm sure. There is no sole to speak of, so the only "squishy" would be the little bit of padding on the outside.

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    I usually train barefoot. I tried them for training on cold floors since mine are very slippery with regular socks. They are quite good performancewise, but they are loosing this little rubber balls all the time and due to this life span seems very limited to me. I bought them with quite a discount, but for the original price I would prefer now the thinnest available FiveFingers instead. Ground feel of VFF´s isn´t much worse and they are much more versatile.
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  6. Al Ciampa

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    Road running tears up all shoes. There’s no way around this. Crappier roads and heavier runners experience accelerated wearing. Poor run technique also advances the rate of wearing.

    Even minimal shoes “wear out”. There’s simply no fit or cushion support to wear down so you can literally run them off your feet before purchasing new ones. I have.

    These socks are an interesting reconciliation for barefoot running. But they will come apart as well. Only your feet actually remodel with wear and tear. I’m not yet down to barefoot on the road, but I’m passively working on it.

    Like the healthcare system in my country, shoes are mostly a capitalist product that reflect only in a small way the promises made about them, and the social expectations of them.

    Not sure where that rant come from :mad: I really just wanted to say something like: less shoe is better; be patient and discover what works for you. Haha.
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    Expensive socks. A very cheap alternative: those rubber sand beach shoes. I've never ran in them mind.
    Can't beat Feiyue for all round value for money. No support zero drop. Surprisingly long lasting.
    Some Merrells come with a lot of cushioning, even if zero drop. Take heed if changing to less cushion. Splashing some cash, vivos are pretty consistent with their soles......less than 3mm and as far as I'm aware no support or cushioning transitional option....the best available in the minimalist shoe market. Apart from Feiyue, balancing cost and utilaritarianism. You can get 3 pairs for a pair of socks!
    There is always a zero cost option.....
  8. Oscar

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    thanks all for your comments and rants. I´m not sure I could run much in such minimalist shoes yet, but they look like a good idea for walking, training and a bit of running to get used to.

    Steve, the Feiyues look good, I´ll see if I can find them this side of the world.
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  9. Steve Freides

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    @Oscar, shoes made for indoor soccer are another pretty good choice, IMHO.

  10. Michael Scott

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    I will put in another vote for Vibram Five Finger shoes. Granted, mine have about outlived their expected life, but I love mine. I use them just for kettlebell work now, and they haven't worn out completely, yet.
  11. Abdul-Rasheed

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    My experience with Vibram is as as @Michael Scott . I bought it initially to run, which I did for a few times, now I primarily use it when I do my strength training. It has been at least 4 years and has not worn out yet.
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  13. Steve Freides

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    @Glen, this shoe doesn't seem to be available via the US amazon site.

    Edit - well, it seems it's called TSLA here in the US - looks to be about the same.

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