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Barbell Bars for Steinborn Squat

Steve Freides

Senior Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
After an absence of about 5 years, I'm back at it the Steinborn Squat. Today was Day #1.

The bar I choose, a nice Texas Power Bar with deep knurling, was difficult to slide when on my shoulders. I'm wondering if I might prefer a slightly lesser-knurled bar. In the perfect world, I get the bar centered and don't need to adjust, but sometimes things aren't perfect and having it be difficult to slide was an unpleasant surprise.

I've got lesser bars and am considering trying one next time.


Harald Motz

Level 8 Valued Member
Certified Instructor
Steinborning is great a few years back I used a straight bar.

a few weeks ago I've built a Safety Squat Bar. @Steve Freides I remember you were experimenting with the 'inman mile'...currently I do just regular squats with it.
With the SSB its hard to fail the middle spot. In the video I just used the simple spring sleeves - they seem to work just fine.
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