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Before you ask for training advice, please know that:

If you are injured, we want you to see a doctor before we're going to tell you anything. You need to know, and we need to know, that you're OK to exercise without any restrictions - and if you aren't, then you and we need to know what those restrictions are.

If you're recently recovered from an injury, see above - it all still applies.

If you've had a recent physical exam and are cleared to exercise without restrictions, then we want to know a little about you before we recommend an exercise program. Specifically, we want to know:

- relevant demographics: your age, gender, height, weight, body composition if you know it

- injury history: do you, e.g., does something hurt when you lift your arms overhead, when you kneel down, or similar?

- movement history: have you had a Functional Movement Screen? Do you move well or do you feel your muscles and joints are in less than good working order?

- sports/competition history: tell us what sports you participate in, if you compete in them now, in the past, or hope to in the future.

If you'd like advice or feedback on how you perform a specific movement, please include a video of you performing that movement. (The forum does not support the direct upload of video so please put it on YouTube or similar and include a link.)

And last but certainly not least, where do you want to go from here? What are your goals and dreams for yourself in terms of achievement with your body?

If you tell us these things when you post your questions, you'll save us from asking because, rest assured, we will ask and we won't give you advice until we know you're ready to hear it and act upon it.

Here is a StrongFirst blog on staying healthy enough to train to become stronger:
An Ounce of Injury Prevention Is Worth a Kilogram of Cure

And speaking of StrongFirst blogs, if you have questions about a program from a StrongFirst blog, please be kind enough to provide a link to the blog so we can all read what you're reading.

Thanks from everyone at
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