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Antony- Aussie

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I currently Hold the Australian Bench Press Record (IPA) Masters Over 50 under 66kg
I benched 120Kg on my 3rd Lift.

I never trained as a Powerlifter i just trained for fun at home. Now they have changed the weight class to under 69kg. I want to try to beat my 1RM i only have 6 months to prepare.

I have been doing 5/3/1 Wendler every week says my 1RM is 139kg but i also currently at 72kg weight.

Do you feel over the next 3 months i cont to prep as whole bosy training each week,
Dumbles Bench training Monday and 5/3/1 Fri with entire bosy between Tue and Thur.
The last 2 Months i was thinking Smolov ??

Kind Regards

Carl in Dover

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@Antony- Aussie ..welcome to the Strongfirst forum!

Congratulations on your record! How long ago did you achieve it?

Just some thoughts regarding your questions...
Are you still making gains with 5/3/1 and your current training program? If so then stay with it. If you can forecast the weight that that you need for a record lift in the competition, you could just use a simple LP (linear progression) program and calculate your required weekly gains. For example, if your current PR is 120kg and you can add 2.5 kg to that every month for 6 months then you could anticipate a new 135 kg PR. BUT...your recovery, diet changes and "life" will affect your progress.
Also, your dedication to training for the goal will play a big part in the success.

As far as the weight, it looks like you have 6 months to drop some kg and get back to the under 69kg. Should be easilly obtainable. Or you could check the records at your current 72kg division and try to beat that!

Whatever, pick your plan and stick to it man. Program hopping doesn't usually work out well.

Carl in Dover
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Antony- Aussie

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Hi Carl,

Thank you for the Welcome All:

Training is a Life time Passion, its my way of life as Budda says lol

Losing 3Kg i do over time, last comp i had to go from 74kg to 65.2 was my weigh in. I did go from benching
142kg to 120kg tho. I learnt a lot from that in cutting.

Agreed with life can effect progress, im in a great place in all areas of my life for now.
I change my training program i would say every 3 months but 5/3/1 i only started 3 months ago.
As you said small gain over time is big gains.

Its the last month Smolov im thinking have tried it for fun and ya it isnt for the not serious.

Kind Regards
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