Best method for mobility / flexibility?

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Opiaswing, May 24, 2019.

  1. Opiaswing

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    I have been having mobility and flexibility issues resulting in stiffness and injuries.

    I am looking into the best methods for improving my flexibility and ROM as well as stiffness in joints..

    What is the best option?

    Passive stretching?
    Yoga flows?

    I have heard static / passive stretching isnt great at all..
  2. offwidth

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    Relax into Stretch
    Super Joints
    Flexible Steel
    OS Resets
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  3. Kiacek

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    Examples of three of the suggestions @offwidth made:

    In my experience: Static stretching is awesome once you develop the ability to safely get into the positions; many people lack this ability, and they have to compensate to "complete" the stretch
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  4. Anna C

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    I've found that sometimes just backing off on the volume of training is the best to fix for this.
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  5. Bauer

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    +1 to everything @offwidth said.

    + Self massage with a lacrosse ball. The "pin'n'pull" technique has done wonders for me. Basically you put the ball on a tender spot and then move the muscle that is pinned down in all directions. For me this works much better then rolling over the spot again and again. Sometimes I mix it with contract relax stuff.
    Here is good demonstration of the technique: Pec and Front Deltoid Release for Relaxed Shoulders and Necks - Mobility Mastery

    And OS resets are awesome. The important thing: Do them in a way that feels good. Becausse it feels good to feel good, as Tim Anderson likes to say. And then you'll reap the benefits.

    And fast-and-loose drills between sets. Shake it off! For real.
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  6. Opiaswing

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    This is the first I am hearing about OS resets. After some searching they seem great. Movement, stretching and joint mobility all wrapped up in one. Any more information or recommended sources on this subject would be much appreciated!

    I did yoga for a couple of months and my body felt great, but looking back on it I think it was perhaps more due to the fact I was doing BJJ at the same time so I wasn't just stretching; I was moving in much more free ways.
  7. Bauer

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    Original Strength is a great system - and actually a movement philosophy in itself. (To me it's like Ido Portals "Movement Culture" for the people.)

    There are a couple of books. The best introduction to the 5 basic ressets is probably
    "Pressing Reset: Original Strength Reloaded"

    After that I would recommend the following two books for ideas of how to combine this with strength training.
    "The Becoming Bulletproof Project: Discovering the Hero Within"
    "Original Strength Performance: The Next Level"

    Other than that, the youtube channel is gold. Tim Anderson releases a new movement snack every wednesday: Original Strength

    Aleks Salkin (SFG I and II) often combines resets with strength training moves. For example rocking between sets of swings or squats. Or Dead Bugs before squats. Or rocking and rolling between sets of presses.

    Try it for a few weeks and see how you feel. It took me a while to "get it" but the system is really great. Tim himself is a mightily strong guy (TGU with 56 kg without training for it, anyone?) Start with the basics and the explore variations and different speeds. Just do what you can and in a way that feels good :)
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  8. rawpersonaltrai

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    The most common causes of stiffness are strain and sprain.

    In strain, your muscle fibers are stretched or torn whereas in sprain ligaments may get stretched, twisted, or torn.

    There are some home remedies to help you with muscle stiffness. These include:

    • Stretching to improve flexibility and circulation

    • Yoga

    • Resting until the body repairs

    • Taking a warm bath or shower to promote blood circulation

    • Massaging the affected areas

    • Using heat or ice packs

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