Black Friday

Oso Rojo

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Unfortunately they seem to be our of stock of the bells I need. Curiously they will be back in stock after the sale and the sale prices won't apply. The illusion of a sale without actually having to give discounts to your customers.

Steve Freides

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@Oso Rojo, sometimes a sale is only on in-stock items, often with the purpose of reducing inventory. So long as that's made clear somewhere, it's fine, IMHO.



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@Oso Rojo I'm not affiliated with the company. The fine print:
"Some bells have already run out and we are running low on others, if you need any bells purchase them now. If you purchase any bells now, we will honor Black Friday pricing for you on out of stock bells when we restock. You MUST purchase in stock kettlebells on Black Friday to receive Black Friday pricing when we restock. We cannot honor Black Friday pricing on bells that were in stock, but not purchased today. Call us at 855-7KETTLE with any questions!"

Oso Rojo

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I contacted the directly and the let me purchase the bells I needed and back order them. So props up to Kettlebell Kings for working with me for a good solution. I scrounged up a cast iron 36 locally so that will keep me working hard until the matching KBK bells arrive.
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