Bodyweight + Kettlebell Routine


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Hello friends of strength,

this is a routine I made up. It is primarily focused towards hypertrophy/strength. Whta are your thoughts?

Day 1: Upper body (I stole this one from Calisthenics Movement:

-Dips (rings or bar): 3 x max (rest: 3 mins) --> work up to being able to do ~12 reps in each set
-Push up variation: 3 x max (rest: 1.5 mins) --> work up to being able to do ~20 reps in each set
-Pull up variation: same as dips
-BW row variation: same as push ups

Note on tempo for pressing moves:
1st sets each: 2down-x-2up-x
2nd sets each: 2down-2-x-x
3rd sets each: 1down-x-x-x

Note on tempo for pulling moves:
1st sets each: 2up-x-2down-x
2nd sets each: x-2-2down-x
3rd sets each: x-x-1down-x

Day 2: Legs, abs, conditioning

-Kettlebell front squats: use Prilepin´s chart to determine intensity and volume; do whatever you´re up to that day (rest: 1-5 minutes, depending on intensity)
-Swings (1H or 2H) or Snatch: 100 reps at an ~70-80% perceived effort
-Hanging leg raise: 2-3 x max (rest: ~2 mins)

Day 4: off

Day 5: Whole body

-Ring muscle up: work up to 5x5 (rest: 2-4 mins)
-Ring skin the cat (hold horizontals for a 5´count): work up to 3x5 (rest: 2-4 mins)
-Pistol squat: work up to 3x10/leg (rest: 2-4 mins)
-Ring triceps extension/close push up: 2-3 x max supersetted with ring biceps curs: 2-3 x max (rest: ~2 mins)

Day 5: off

Day 6: start over with day 1
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A lot of routines I've seen alternate between dips and push ups.

Also, I don't seem to see a vertical push / press.

Could use KB presses or handstand pushups for the vertical.

For a horizontal row, I find it useful to alternate between BW rows and KB renegade rows.

Lastly -- perhaps a bridge?


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Hypertrophy will be achieved with calisthenics BUT if you want true hypertrophy then you need to follow a bodybuilding program and what you listed isn't it.


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Dip, chinup, squat, that's what we get in terms of callisthenics for the most part. These are all very good movements. It's nice to get past just these though and lift weights too.

It seems that you have a kind of S&S swings program with the solid, best callisthenics moves on top of it. It would seem to be a good program if one's body could handle it.

Probably if we're just trying to get strong and fit, so many different moves isn't needed, but why not? It's fun to play with a variety of moves and real life is chaotic, no?


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It mainly depends on the amount of hypertrophy and amount of "functional fitness" you want to achieve. Gymnastics for instance will build a nice amount of hypertrophy while remaining "useful".

Steven Low and Christopher Sommer remain an excellent references in this respect.

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