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Kettlebell Buying a new kettlebell

Yes Rogue because they make them in USA.
I agree with others that powder coat is better than e-coat. E-coat is slippery.
Although made in China, and a lot more money, Kettlebell Kings make great kettlebells.
I recently sold all my Rogue powder-coated kettlebells. Like all powder-coated bells, they chip easily and tend to rust quicker.

My favorite kettlebells are Dragondoor (they are currently 30% off for Black Friday), and I have 30+ of them from 12kg - 36kg.

However, I am interested in the StrongFirst kettlebells and may pick up 1-2.

I have had all kinds of brands (Perform Better, Punch from Anthony Ditillo, Rogue, Kettlebell Kings, Kettlebells USA, Rep Fitness, Ader, etc.), but Dragondoor are still the best (and I still have my 16kg and 24kg that I bought in 2001!).
SF bells currently 20% off through 11/28.
I have the made in the USA Rogue powder coated bells 12-32, I would not recommend them for anything under 24kg. The lighter bells are cast vs ductile, and there are a lot of issues with the seams, either with extra slag or the complete opposite, with over grinded handles. The ductile ones were good, which are the same are the e-coat version. I would've returned them, but I got them during peak covid and wasn't able to. But their customer support was great, and I was able to get a pretty hefty discount. Their overseas powder coated bell is good. It's the same as rep and kettlebell kings. It's hard for me not to support Rogue, since they are local to me, and I don't have to pay for shipping.

That being said, I have switch to Kettlebell USA Paradigm Pro competition bels. I have 2x16-36, and they have been absolutely amazing. It's really nice having the same size bell all of the time. Just like having a nice set of Olympic competition plates for your barbell. They only time I prefer hardstyle bells over competition are when I'm trying to do tricep presses, goblet squats, or weighted pullups. I would also check out Pro Kettlebell. They are new to the scene and have been getting really good reviews. They look extremely comfortable in the rack position with their ergonomic design. Only problem is 32kg is their current heaviest.
I stumbled across a good Black Friday deal. Griffin (fitness company out of California) has some awesome deals on KBs right now. I got 2 28kg bells for $167 with free shipping. Can't speak on the quality but they look decent and thats the cheapest bells I was able to find for a Black Friday deal. I was really wanting some 28s but everywhere I looked was out of stock or huge shipping costs.

Anyone has any experience with Griffin?
Same experience as John above, e coat was a bit jacked and the powder coat are fine. The powder coat Kettlebell Kings are similar to Rogue pc, and I have an Ader from Kettlebell Inc . which I like. I have a set of #18's showing up this week, a client purchase from Bells of Steel. I'll let you know once I get my hands on them.
Bells of Steel 18's arrived, they're OK, nothing great, but also 80 bucks out the door for the pair.
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