Cain Velasques injured again!! Serious back problems. wonder why?!

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Thats an old video @malleus but still, the form is horrendous! :eek:

Here is another gem. Same fighter, same coach!


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Someone explain to me how leg extensions will help you in a fight over dozens of other compound lower body exercises.

I'd be interested to learn more about this "coach"

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Dana White on the chronic injuries to Cain Velasquez and AKA -

Of the many who have been highly critical of fighters who they perceive to have training methods that make them more injury prone then they have to be is UFC head honcho Dana White. Always a man with something to say and never in the mood to edit his speech, White spoke back in April 2015 about the importance of a healthy Cain Velasquez to the heavyweight division, as well as his opinion on AKA’s training methods and their impact on the frequency of injuries to the fighters representing the San Jose fight camp.

“The conversation I was having with [AKA founder and head coach] Javier Mendez is that we gotta start training these guys differently in the gym. These guys gotta start having a lot less contact when it comes to sparring… You have to have some sparring in there, but these guys are doing way too much damage to their fighters inside the gym.”


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Ironically, I actually have Mark Reifkind's article about training Denning Prokopos up right now.

From issue 5 of the Strength Matters magazine:
Denny Prokopos is one very accomplished Jui- Jitsu fighter. He’s won three World Championships; the first one in 2007 and the most recent one just a few months ago at the Gracie Worlds in Las Vegas. And those are just the highlights of a 13 year career that started when he was just a kid of 13 . . .

. . . One thing that is vital to understand when one is coaching a prize thoroughbred athlete is that is more important not to get them hurt than to give them the tip of the spear of any strength or conditioning quality. We wanted the most from the program but it couldn’t ding him up. There are no prizes for winning the workout.


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A simple google search shows that the consensus on sherdog and mmajunkie is that grasso is an idiot.


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Sometimes great fighters are great in spite of their training. Also fighters train to get good at fighting. They don't train to get good at lifting weights.
I do not think his training is healthy but I am neither a coach nor a world champion. So my opinion doesn't matter.

As an aside most of the good fighters that have trained at Aka have left for other camps.
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