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    Chris Froome: Team Sky's unprecedented release of data reveals how British rider won Giro d'Italia

    "Team Sky have taken the unprecedented step of releasing a cache of data to BBC Sport detailing Chris Froome's diet, power output and heart-rate from the Briton's victory in May's Giro d'Italia."

    .....interesting for you cyclists out there! He's got a nearly dead resting heart rate of 32.

    He's often cited as a low carb athlete by team keto......but hang on a minute.....

    "On stage 19 he ate 1.3kg of carbs - enough calories for four men to get through an ordinary day. Even his recovery snack contains 2,500 calories, which is enough for a man for one day - and eaten in 20 minutes after the stage has finished."

    A drink he knocks back is called rocket fuel......

    "It's multiple-source carbohydrate drink. It contains a mixture of maltodextrin and fructose. That science has been around for a long time. What makes it different is the quantity of carbohydrate. Most sports drinks contain roughly 20-40g of carbohydrate. This contains 80g."

    Quite extraordinary details and interesting insights.....enjoy
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  2. offwidth

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    Yes I saw that too. Interesting timing of the release of data, considering the investigation and all...

    You are right that a RHR of 32 is nearly dead...

    Pro cyclists in the grand tours are known for a staggering caloric intake
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  3. ali

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    I reckon he was wearing a dodgy fitbit
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  4. offwidth

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    No doubt Froome will perform well again this year.

    There's a few others I would prefer to win....

    Time will tell...
  5. Tirofijo

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    Miguel Indurain was said to have a RHR of 29.
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  6. Steve Freides

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    If memory serves, Miguel Indurain’s resting pulse was in the upper 20’s.

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  7. offwidth

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    Back in the day when I thought I was fit the best I ever saw on me was a pretty consistent 42. Some of these world class cyclists are something else...
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    Of course there are a few pro cyclists who literally died in their sleep.

    A RHR can be too low.
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  9. offwidth

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    Pro cycling as we all know has had a long history of 'ambitious' cyclists...
  10. vegpedlr

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    In the early days of EPO use this happened as a result of the double whammy of low RHR and thick blood made sludgy by 60+ hematocrit levels. Pro riders often slept with their HRMs on with the alarm set so if their HR went too low it would go off. Then they would jump on the trainer and spin for a few minutes to make it right.

    A 2500 cal snack is impressive. Meal timing is a bit off when racing as "lunch" happens on the bike. I've talked to a few cross country bike tourers describe the meals they would smash in small town diners that freak out the locals. How can those skinny little dudes do that?!
  11. offwidth

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    Way back in my misspent youth I was bike racing and bike commuting to get the miles in. (And climbing in my spare time...) You couldn't really put a big enough plate of food in front of me. All of a 'buck-forty' and skinny as a rail. But man, could I ride hills...
    Flash forward four decades... now not so much...
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  12. kurt perham

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    i raced a Pro MTB national in a small town in MN in about 1996. Race ended right before dinner time. At a local diner I ordered : full size chicken Caesar salad, full size order chick pesto pasta, 1 personal pizza and brownie sunday. all washed down w/chocalate milk shake. I was about 147 pounds at the time. calories for the win!
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  13. simon0596

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    I remember my post-marathon meals invariably being 2 Big Macs, 2 large fries, large coke....then whatever else after my nap.

    Deena Kastor (US marathoner) had a RHR of 28.

    Agreed. I thought I was a badass when mine was 44

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