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Kettlebell Combining A&A swing and snatch protocols for SFG I certification?

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Ryan T

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Hey folks,

I've created a goal for myself to earn SFG I possibly Chicago in April, if not then scrap until Chicago next year. It's the closest one to me where I could drive and I have family in the area and wouldn't have to pay hotel fees. Someday I would like to start a class and give private instruction at my community gym. Currently HKC certified.

Snatch size kettlebell would be 24kg. I took a few months off to recover from snapping hip syndrome and some bilateral elbow tendonitis. I believe I devoloped these due to not enough agonist muscle work, post-training stretching and listening to my body when it told me to rest. These are still niggling issues, however eccentrics, mobility and tissue work have helped the elbows and when my form and relaxation-to-tension continuum is spot on, I feel 1/10 on the discomfort scale. Hip still has a slight click and is only irritated knee/leg raises. I saw a chiropractor and orthopedist who said I wouldn't injure myself by returning to training and there's no underlying structural pathology. I haven't tested myself since returning to training, however my prior stats:

Snatches @20kg 4:45
100 Single swings @32kg in 5 min
DFSQ @24kg x 5 reps
TGU @24kg 1x5 L/R in 10 min
Press @24kg R x3. @20kg L x5

Is it possible (or advisable) to combine the A&A snatch protocol outlined in Energy Systems and the Snatch Test | StrongFirst with the A&A swing protocol outlined in the A Science-Based Plan to Prepare You for the SFG Level I and SFG Level II | StrongFirst ? Example, substitute 5 minutes of the A&A swing protocol with the 5 minute snatch protocol adjusting for the appropriate weight KB and rep scheme. This is all assuming that you can pass the talk test. I’d be interested in doing this but not at the expense of undermining the desired results of either standing alone. I figured if I’m training the same energy systems they could be combined together. My guess is if so the snatch protocol would come before the swings with enough of a rest period between the two for recovery purposes (if necessary).

My other thoughts were if combining the two approaches is inadvisable, periodize the protocols i.e., 6 weeks swing then 6 weeks snatch or two-a-days (separated by 12 hours) with nothing else other than light/unloaded TGU and mobility work (on those days, say M-W-F). Strength work could be Sat and Sun.

Hi @Ryan T

Press looks to me like it needs the most work.

I think of the two articles/programs you mentioned, the Snatch Test one would serve you better.

Maybe a press program plus the snatching?
My suggestions...

Warmup with the TGU
A double bell program (KB Strong, total tension complex, 803series by hector gutierrez jr)

The energy systems snatch program
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