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Other/Mixed Crosstraining structure

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)


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Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well!

I’ve spent an age looking through various forums re training principles and programmes for what I’m looking to achieve and it just makes me more confused haha.

I’ve really moved away from the free weights because I just don’t enjoy it at all these days but understand the value they offer. I want to be mobile, strong and look good (who doesn’t..) especially since I work in an office again so have to spend a lot of time sitting which drives me mad.

I’m 27 and started playing tag rugby on a Wednesday (lasts about 45 minutes which still leaves me with DOMS at the moment) and go for a 20mile+ bike ride on Sundays. I have no set program atm so do random sessions of weights or bodyweight circuits.

How can I incorporate the following into a sensible program?

Bodyweight - pull ups, press ups, HSPU, pistols
BB - Deadlift and squat (maybe military press)
KB - TGU, Swing, etc

Do you cross train and successfully mix your workouts? I see people like Kboges training everyday and then I’m not sure if I should just do 3x full body sessions. I just love training my body and improving myself or just getting a sweat on. It starts my day right so I love doing something everyday.

A few goals I’d like to be able to achieve are the following:

20 pulls ups (can do about 14-15 atm)
20 minutes 5k (probably at 24 these days)
180kg deadlift for 3 (I’ve only hit it for one a few times previously)
100kg BS for 12+ reps
3-5 handstand presses using a wall

Thanks for any input
My staple plan might interest you. Alternate two workouts, three times per week.

Day 1
-barbell work

Day 2
-calisthenic pull (2 sets)
-calisthenic push (2 sets)
-calisthenic legs (2 sets)
-swings (majority of workout, 30-40 minutes)

Days off: aerobic work (swimming), stretching.

On day 2, the calisthenics is meant to be quick and done in 10 minutes. The real focus of the day is conditioning with KB swings.
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