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Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Commando, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Commando

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    Id like to incorporate some deadlifts in my training. But I dont know if my form is right. Is my back ok and my hips high enough? I got pretty long arms, bur it seema that doesnt help me. What you think?

  2. jef

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    I would correct the setup first.
    The bar is too much in front.Have it very close to your shins (touching). It should be over the middle of your foot, which is a lot more back that most people think. Use your lats for this.
    You are rounding your upper back. It is a legit way to do it for some high level pullers, but not too much for novice. Think if putting your chest up and get tighter. It might help to also keep your back flatter.

    If you were in the room, my cues for you would be in sequence: get tight (lats, abs, grip), chest up, sit back, push the floor away.
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  3. Commando

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    Thanks jef, I will try it tomorrow. I arched my back to the maximum I thought; have to try youre cures for a better setup
  4. jef

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    To be more clear (or more confusing, it depends), "sit back" is not a cue I use much, because the risk is to sit down, like in a squat, and have hips too low. So it is really sit back. :)
    But in your case, if you get the bar close, get tight, and go back, not down, it may help you to wedge, which is the key for a safe deadlift.
  5. Steve Freides

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    Need better lighting.

    Put some weight on that bar for your next video. :)

  6. Abdul Rasheed

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    These starting strength instructions may be of help:

    Alan Thrall:

    Mark Rippetoe:
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