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First of all, greetings to the strongest community on the Earth :)

I am very close to half bodyweight Press. My bodyweight is 72 kg.

I can easly PRESS 34kg ( with 24kg+8kg KT).

I like to PRESS a lot, so I like ETK program, beacuse there is a lot of pressing there :)

I would like to hear your opinion about it. Easy strenght or ETK for Press?


Aleksandar Miketa
Well, Easy Strength can work for this, certainly. ROP is one of the longer "Bus Bench" programs and you should do the whole thing. I think this prepped me for the cert really well. Save for that workout with the Snatch High Pull that destroyed everyone's hands...including mine...I held up very well at my cert.

ES would be something where you just train and go "goal-less" for a while. I think that is why I made such good progress on it: there was no pressure to nail it or ratchet it up. The first time I did it, if I had to get in a workout but life had other plans, I would do all five lifts in five minutes. Seriously, 2 x 5 with 165 on the Incline (already set), my Thick Bar DL (already set), Front light as I could, then I would go in. No warm up, no foam rolling, no idiocy.

If you have never finished the ROP, try doing it one time. That Five Ladder 1-2-3-4-5 with pullups of 75 Clean and Press left AND right with 75 Pull Ups was so easy for me in one sense until I refreshed the path that it took me to get there. Finish it, do the Program Minimum for two weeks, then put together an ES template.

Finally, you are only two kilos from your goal. Seriously, and I say this with all kindness, if I wanted you to make the would.
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