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  1. Ryan T

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    Hey folks,

    I was reflecting on training over the last couple weeks. I looked back on my first S&S training session:

    3 rounds
    GS 1x5 8K KB
    HB 1x5
    Halos 1x5 8K KB

    5x10 2H 16K KB

    1x5 Right 8K KB
    1x5 Left 8K KB

    Today's Session:

    Warm Up
    S&S style 2x5 at 16kg

    10x10 OASW @32kg. Some grip and could feel a little muscling up on occasion.

    Rest 5 min

    3x1 TGU @32kg in 10 min.

    I've battled through injuries due to foolish training before and there was a solid year's hiatus in there as well. My point is not to try to tout my own horn, or anything like that. It's to encourage any of you that feel stuck. Look back at how you began your training journey and observe how it's going. I bet you'll be surprised, especially if you were familiar with the training modality and now you've been doing it for a while.

    Keep going!! Get strong and stay strong!!
  2. crazycanuck

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    Great post! It's like seeing the trees (the current day you are a bit tired, or feel like your workout sucked somewhat), and not the forest (how things looked way back when). We are so short sighted sometimes!

    Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Bret S.

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    Great work Ryan and congrats on your shiny new PR!
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  4. Geoff Chafe

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    Keeping a training log is a good habit. Using your training log as a tool to help you is the whole point of tracking your training.

    Good work.
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  5. vegpedlr

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    I just did something similar today looking through old logs. Not KB related, but trying to see what worked better or worse in recent years. It's nice to see that progress can still happen, even when it seems like things are drifting sideways.
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  6. Jan

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    @Ryan T : That was an inspirational post!
  7. Sean M

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    Love it! This is why I keep a journal (paper and pen IRL, also recorded here on the forum). It really helps to look back and see how far you've progressed, especially when it feels like your stuck in the mud or going three steps forward, two steps back.
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  8. SuperGirevik

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    Congrats on the progress! I should have kept a log of my work outs too. I did however track how many days I've been doing the S&S program (although I'll admit I haven't been so good with the warm-ups). I'm up to 70 days of consecutive practicing/training. My goal is to keep going and see if I can reach the SiNiStEr goal!

    Keep it up! 加油加油!
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