Fragmented lower knee/upper tibia rehab

Petr Haiser

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Hello everyone. I would like to hear your opinions about how to effectively aid in the recovery of my injury.

During sparring I've managed to hit my opponent's hip bone with my knee. This happened in mid-March and caused a fragment in my upper tibial bone (or that's at least how I understood the injury description).
Since then I'm able to walk normally and even do some exercise (swimming, bicycle, even tried KB swings).

But the question is, what is the best way/exercises to get the knee and all the muscles supporting it back into the shape needed for competing at a high level in Muay Thai?

Adding some photos of the x-ray. (not sure if it works)

Thanks for everyone's contribution, stay healthy.



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I would first follow the rehab exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist, until they and / or your doctor have given you clearance to train more aggressively.

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Thank you.

I've had to ask here, because aside from recommending riding a bicycle and swimming, and saying "slowly do more based on your feel of the pain", the doctor didn't tell me anything in particular.

Edit: by this I mean feel free to give advice. Everything I do is at my own risk
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The part of your bone is call the tibial tuberosity and is the site where your quad complex attaches via the patellar tendon. In my opinion, any resisted quad activities should be highly limited at least a few weeks.

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The part of your bone is call the tibial tuberosity
Thanks, that's the first time I've been offered a fairly specific term for my injury. I'm not yet able to distribute my weight evenly on both legs while trying to do a bodyweight squat but, 2 months ago I couldn't even "bend the knee", so guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for that.
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