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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Timothy Friel, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Timothy Friel

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    I plan to run the serious endurance plan come spring to build my aerobic base back after a winter of heavy practice. How would I program my tgu with the swing template. The article states up to 10 tgu 3 days a week in a heavy, medium, light template. Does this mean weight or volume. If its volume how would I do it? Thanks!!!
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    The way I read the article would be 5x1 TGU's per arm 3 x a week so for example mon, weds, fri. So the volume would stay the same and then I would vary the weights used. I have the intermediate weights so for me I would use 36kg heavy day, 32kg medium day followed by 28kg light day. I believe varying the volume by day would take the focus away from the swings too much.
  3. Timothy Friel

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    @Lee Hunt I had sort of the same thought
    But wasn't 100%. I appreciate the feed back.
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    I run the program last fall, while in RoP and using a 40 kg bell, a weight I've never used before that. I just had just reached Simple a couple of weeks before, but I had the swing portion down since I'd say a month and half, at the time.
    I modified the program a little, though, and did sets of five instead of ten. I did 10 get ups per side with the 32 kg bell on the minute (in S&S, I was doing them without or with minimal rest), because I wanted to retain the Simple standard for the move. I did the get ups in the days I hadn't to press as for the Rite of Passage.
    If you reached Simple, than 32 kg get ups taking it a little easier than what you were acostumed to should be fine, or do what @Lee Hunt said and vary the loads, definitely not the volume.

    The program delivers, and swinging in stes of five brought me to very good levels of swings with the 40 kg kettlebell in just six weeks (I can now swing in sets of ten and I'm reducing the rest periods). Also, I had the pleasure of swinging the beast last saturday, and it went up in double hands and single arm (both sides) pretty smooth, so much that I was actually surprised... But, hey, it's Al @aciampa, right?

    Keep in mind that, although your concerne is rightly about the get ups, this seems to really be a swing focused routine. The best advice I can give you is put a lot of time in knowing what kettlebell you will use. I'm sure you read the article carefully, and you saw that Mr. Ciampa stresses this very much. You're going to swing for an insane amount of time in the last two weeks (particularly the closing one), and sets of 10 can get you off guard later in the session, even if you thought you had the weight matter down.

    Train strong, and cheers from Italy!
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  6. Timothy Friel

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  7. Norcoaster

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    @mprevost - do you have any commentary on the strength endurance approach described in the link above? I have interest in dedicating a portion of my strength workouts to a strength endurance rather than max strength focus, still working out the details. Thanks.
  8. mprevost

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    I like the approach and appreciate the analogy Al used in the article (tank and fuel lines). It's a great way to present the information. Just keep in mind that all training is specific. You would not use this program if you were a triathlete training for Ironman for example. But it is great for all around fitness.
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  9. Norcoaster

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    Appreciate the reply - yes, I don't see it as replacement for long endurance/pure aerobic type training, but rather something to boost strength that is used for longer than just a short burst (e.g. Martial arts).
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  10. mprevost

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    Sounds like a good application for the program.
  11. Norcoaster

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    For follow up - I tried this A&A approach to a push/pull day just now. I did chin ups, one arm presses (right, then left), and farmers carry. Each exercise for about 20s with effort and weight set to get my heart rate to around maffetone plus 5. I did this for a little over 25 minutes, seemed to work out nicely. Will probably work in snatch or clean instead of the carry next time, and increase overall time gradually.
  12. Timothy Friel

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    I plan on mixing this type of swing training with lsd runs in the spring. I like to take a 6 weeks in spring and 6 weeks in fall and just work my aerobic base. I'm thinking 3 days of swings with some tgu and 2 lsd runs. 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off template alternating sessions
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  13. pet'

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    Do you plan to "wave" like the article ? Or is this your everyday routine ?

    Kind regards,

  14. Timothy Friel

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    I will wave but it will only be three days. My lsd days will be run at maf heart rate soon as i get a decent monitor
  15. offwidth

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    @Timothy Friel
    Until you get a HRM, if you train using nasal breathing only, you will probably be in the ballpark
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  16. Timothy Friel

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  17. aciampa

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    This is a huge misunderstanding. I'm sure this works, but its not A+A. The work periods need to be power-based not strength-based. And HR is far less important than your individual alactic and aerobic capacities.
  18. Norcoaster

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    Yes, once I work out my combination of exercises a little more firmly I plan on doing some version of periodization (Thinking about inserting 15m or so of A similar routine after both squat and DL days, or longer version on a separate day). PS will update you next time I try a good cheese (French or otherwise) nothing good in the fridge at the moment :)
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    Ok, that's part of the reason for posting this - to get feedback. If the exercises and work periods are performed with intensity and pace, could other compound movements have a similar impact to swings ? Some exercises are more inherently power based, but if done explosively, isn't the power or work/time of other strength based exercise also increased?

    Here's another take on the same subject - including exercises like explosive chins and clap push ups: Total Performance Sports | Anaerobic Alactic Conditioning: When Less is More

    How should the alactic and aerobic capacities be judged outside of HR and perceived effort? I'm just experimenting to try to blend strength and endurance elements, and will likely be including other more traditional power moves like snatch and clean soon as well. Thanks for your thoughts.
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