Good Pullup Bars?


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Been using one of those pullup bars that just twist onto your door frame... been using it fine for a few months, but a couple days ago the thing just collapsed whilst I was above the bar, no sign of it slipping or being insecure... f****** smacked my head off the solid wood floor & was lucky not get a concussion. f@#$ed my tailbone up though and bruised up my leg pretty bad. Safe to say I’ve developed a fear of door frame bars... but its probably one of my favourite bodyweight exercises to do... any recommendations on some sturdy bars to buy that wont collapse after a couple months of use? Otherwise I might just keep a crash mat underneath me for future use.


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I have a perfect pullup bar and it's been fine for about ten years. It hinges down so you can do standing rows or inverted rows etc. I think it was rated to about 120kg but I've pulled quite a bit more on it with no problems. It came with rotating handles (one of them broke) so I never use them.

When I do weighted pullups now I use a homemade bar (either a 1 1/2" water pipe or a 2" fat bar) which hangs from a doorway on chains. The weakest link in the mounting system is rated at 300kg (the snap hooks). So safety never even crosses my mind when I'm using it. I need my total focus to be on the pullup itself, having any doubts about safety would put the brakes on for me and limit my performance.


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I use a free standing system from Their website seems to be down at the moment. It's all aluminum pipes and can be quickly assembled/disassembled if necessary.

Adam R Mundorf

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I have the same one as @rwrjr . I have the elite xl version. From what I've heard they discontinued the product.

You could probably make your own bar for fairly cheap at a machine shop.


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Titan Fitness in TN has provided good quality for good price. Mostly permanent mounts.
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