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I´ve never seen it played like that

For good reason- looks like it'd be terrible to get into and out of. But everyone's 'seen' it- it's just a first position G chord slid up to a C. Sometimes it's useful to do that- and damp the open strings. The middle part of A Day in the Life is just sliding an open E major chord up fret by fret and playing all 6 strings. Calypso music uses the Cmaj or C7 open chord shape slid up to make IV and V chords with the open strings damped. Not too smooth with that G shape, though.

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@Steve Freides ...."playing around" is more like it! More off than on for 40+ years
Used to play bass semi-pro back in the mid 70s. A group called Western Roadmasters in Germany...

Carl in Dover
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