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Pavel - Just out of curiosity will there be an article or a link with this research at some point? I'm interested to see the findings.


Thank you either way sir!
Steve, you are correct, it is mostly about the hormones released—but also about the fast fibers developing the ability to use oxygen.

Mike, yes, there will be an article at some point soon.
Ive done Dan John's 250 swings a day for a month twice this year.I did not have  significant weight loss 3 lbs but i was still eating with no change in my diet.My swing groove and technique with one hand and two hand swings increased greatly and i think if i was more regimented with sets and reps and  how i did these swings with a time perimeter i believe there would of been more of a weight drop.Here's a quick run down with some of the ways i did this,i used 20kg to 40kg KB's and did them anyway i felt that day.One hand and two hand sets up to 25 reps.Sometimes up and down the rack style sets two to three times a day.Some days only one hand swings,another day two hand swings.Sometime only using one weight for the whole 250 reps.I even did these between working around my house,every time i went in my garage i did a set.My goal was to get the 250 reps everyday.I had from the time i woke up to the time i went to bed to get them done.I still did my regular weight training also.I wanted to have fun and not make this a repetitive boring challenge.I feel i achieved that and that's why i did it for a second time this year.
Pavel I am game for giving this a test run so I will look forward to the article.

I am currently starting two to three swing sessions a week (250-500 total 10-25 reps at a time).  I would GTG (10 reps at least 15 mins between any sets) on those days and all other days of the week.

Would it be ok to do this with double kettlebell swings (thinking 2x16kg) rather than two handed swings (avoids the chaffing and awkward grip)?

My fair lady is also thinking of this so you are starting to perhaps get a decent sample.


I started GTG swing last Sunday and took a break yesterday.

Just GTG swing and nothing else but a set of goblet squat in the morning (and looking after my two weeks old while finishing my final programming assignment).

Too early to see the benefit in conditioning/body composition but my hips feel good and I can see the improvement with my swing technique.

day 1 24x14x9                       (126 total)
day 2 24x14x10                    (140 total)
day 3 24x15x3,24x18x8   (189 total)
day 4 24x18x7                      (126 total)
day 5 24x18x9                       (162 total)
day 6 break

Will keep doing it for another 5 weeks with sets of 16reps through the day and might add in some press PTTP style later when life's less busy.

Will report back.
Studying for exams (programming, cryptography...etc) and my one month old
doesn't like to sleep at the moment.
Trying to do at least 10 sets a day but too busy at the moment.
Might not reach the "minimum effective dose" but it is keep my head clear at the moment:

2013 10 13 24x14x9           126 total

2013 10 14 24x14x10         140 total

2013 10 15 24x15x3,24x18x8 189 total

2013 10 16 24x18x7           126 total

2013 10 17 24x18x9           162 total

2013 10 18 off

2013 10 19 24x16x10          160 total

2013 10 20 24x16x5               80 total /Close Grip Bench 45x5x5

2013 10 21 off

2013 10 22 off

2013 10 23 off

2013 10 24 24x16x5               80 total

2013 10 25 24x16x10           160 total

2013 10 26 24x16x6                96 total

2013 10 27 off

2013 10 28 off

2013 10 29 24x16x5                  80 total

2013 10 30 24x16x4                 64 total

2013 10 31 24x16x10              160 total

2013 11 01 no swings                                   / Close Grip Bench 47.5x5x2

2013 11 02 24x16x6                  96 total / Close Grip Bench 50x5,3,2

2013 11 03 24x16x6                  96 total / Close Grip Bench 50x5,3,2

2013 11 04 off

2013 11 05 24x17x5                  85 total / Close Grip Bench 52.5x5,3,2


Even though I have been doing it consistently I don't think I have done enough sets per day to see proper result in fatloss  and 24KG might be a bit light.

What's good about all the swings:

1)I can tell my techniques are more refined now after the regular swings practise.
The arc, the two straight lines, loose arms..etc.
2) Solid hips and hamstrings
3) A tonic effect, mentally.

What I think I should do differently:

1) do more sets
2) using the lats "brake"  and harder back swings

Also I have been sitting in front of the computer to work on my assignment/studying  and swings (and recently, close grip bench in  PTTP style) is the only physical things I've been doing.

So, I don't think my result in fat loss and conditioning can be a good reference for this protocol so far.

Will aim for at  least 10 sets of 17  for 10 more days before my parents are in town to see their first grandson, ease off a little bit when they're in town and ramp it back up when they're gone.

With the press, I will start doing barbell overhead press when I hit a new  5RM on Close Grip Bench.
Toby,  a couple of things regarding fat loss...

You didn't mention how much rest you're taking in between sets in your original post, and unless I'm reading it wrong, it looks like the most swings you do in a set is 18 swings.

You might to try an ETK PM style workout in which you progressively work up to around 50 swings in a set with active rest for a minute between sets.  Or, I've also seen posts where people swing every minute on the minute.  You can start as low as 5 swings and work your way up.

Try keeping that heart rate up for at least 12 minutes straight.
This thread is exciting yet irritating at the same time. A few months ago I joined the forum to ask this very question, if I could GTG swings and get the same benefits. My schedule at times interrupts my daily routine for several weeks at a time. I get under deadlines with my business and jobs have to be done by the deadline.

My work is very physical and I pull very long hours during those times like 2-3:00 AM -7 or 8:00 PM. I need all the sleep I can get during those times and don't feel like getting up the extra time it takes to do a full work out, not to mention the time can very which I don't like. Trying to get in the work out on top of the heavy work load along with church responsibilities and 4 kids under 5 just licks me. I would much rather GTG through out the day. This also eliminates the need to keep track of the workout. One less thing to deal with.

When I posed the question I just got a lecture on how I was just lazy and needed to suck it up. After doing so I would then appreciate the advice. It took a lot to refrain from reacting to that but that's fine. It's funny to see the opposite reaction from people when Pavel posts the idea. That's ok though I get it. ;)

Any guidelines on GTG swings would be awesome Pavel. It would be a great fit for my busy life right now. So 10-20 reps a set, No less than 15 minutes between sets. Every day? My thought when I posed the question  a few months ago was to GTG 4 days rest 1 day then on the 6th day do a full 12 minute session. Then rest the next day before going back to GTG for another 4 days. That way I get 1 full session in a week. Thoughts? Is there a limit to the duration of the training? Like 6 weeks test for performance then 1 week off? How would you add presses GTG style with the swings?
Hi Omar,

I have done PM before and it was very productive.
But GTG is very different. I am doing it  like this becos
1) I am VERY busy at the moment
2) doing an experiment

Hi Travis,

I didn't see your post in the first place.  I will reply to it very shortly (cos I am more or less in the same boat).
From what I gathered on this thread (and what I am doing now)

1)sets of 10-20,
2)maximally explosive,
3)no less that 15min between sets

From my experience, I reckon (just my opinion/thought, might not be right)
4) do lots of set

At the moment, I am aiming for 15 sets but at  least 10 sets if my life is REALLY busy.
also, I am thinking, if someone can do 25 sets of 20, they can do 10000 swings in 20 days.

Nice to get a friendly response. I was afraid some might take my post the wrong way. It's no big deal. We all lead different lives and have different priorities and sometimes people fail to consider where someone is coming from. I do it often enough myself to get that so no harm. I just thought it was ironic to see the different responses.

My biggest question in regard to GTG swings is will you get the same level of conditioning as with the PM? Right now fat loss and increased conditioning are my main focus along with strength but the strength being secondary at first to conditioning. I need to drop about 40-50 lbs right now. Later the emphasis will shift the other way with Strength being primary and maintaining conditioning secondary.

I may try it just fro the experiment to give some feed back to the forum. I may have to set some guidelines and track my progress and report back. I have started a pretty clean diet so I have already dropped about 10 lbs 5 being in the last week. I don't think I would have a problem losing I just want to do it rapidly. I don't mind being a guinea pig (at 215 lbs no pun intended.

I would just need to I guess test myself on the swing and weigh in. Any suggestions on a good test? Number of swings in a given time I guess?


My plan was to test the max set of  20 I can do on top of the minute  if and only if I have time and energy, say, if my mother in law is over to look after the baby and my wife having a nap.  Like, set the timer on, do 20 on top of the minute and jog and see how many minute I can do.

Congratulations on the weight loss!  That's tough, and you are to be commended for it.  Pavel and others have theorized that doing swings GTG style will provide benefits in conditioning and body comp.  Swings make you stronger, and cause an endocrine response which keeps muscle building, fat burning, appetite suppressing hormones high.

You asked if GTG swings can provide conditioning equal to the PM.  Others will want to weigh in, but I'm g0ing to say no.  Quick sets of 20 reps will not condition the body to convert oxygen to energy, or the heart to sustain a high rate, as well as 12 minute sets of swings and jogging.  Quick sets of 20 will burn fat, improve your technique, and make you stronger.  You are wise to include a weekly set of the full man-maker swing workout if you want this benefit.

That said, GTG swings may be just the thing for you.  You are in the mode of fat loss, strength, and overall conditioning.  You don't have a lot of time.  At this point, you don't need the conditioning of a boxer or a tactical operator (reading the swing section of the PM, the "man maker" was written by a boxing coach, and used by elite LEO's who guard nuclear power plants).  The full 12 minute PM swing session is probably more than you need right now.

GTG swings are probably a great choice for you.  They fit your schedule, they will burn fat and get your heart rate up, they will make you stronger, and they will build a base for increased training in the future as your condition and schedule allow.

You asked about testing your swing in terms of reps and time.  I would recommend Pavel's advice: to a comfortable stop.  The premise of GTG is that lots of easy reps add up to serious volume.  I believe loads of 50-60% are common.  So just swing.  The only guidelines Pavel gave were 10-20 reps, maximally explosive, at least 15 minutes rest between sets.   Work within these parameters, and you'll do fine!
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